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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Some Thoughts

As I just shared on my Twitter feed, I cannot recall a forecast for a storm to hook off the Atlantic and then make a beeline for the New Jersey shore. Hurricanes in this area, including Irene last year, usually move over us in a south to north direction, not east to west like Sandy is currently forecast to do. And they usually move pretty fast once they reach us.

What is most scary at this moment is that this storm is forecast to actually be stronger than the Perfect Storm, the 1991 storm featured in the movie, and it is expected to move over us very slowly.

If the storm does actually follow this forecasted track, it could be devastating for the Long Island, NYC metro area, especially anywhere along the coast lines. And, because this storm is forecast to not move very fast and hover for a couple of days over the area, wind damage could be extensive as many trees, which still have their leaves, begin to fall.

The 1938 Long Island Express storm
I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, in Nassau County, and while we had many hurricane scares over the years, none ended up being as bad as some of the most dire forecasts. The same goes for Irene last year. So, it's understandable that many local residents might not take Sandy seriously, thinking it, too, will fizzle out as it approaches and not be as bad as they are warning.

Historically speaking, however, our area has been overdue for quite some time for a major hurricane-like storm of the magnitude of the famous Long Island Express storm of September, 1938. It could be that after years of warnings, Sandy might be the first to actually rival that historic storm and bring our area that once in a century event.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pizza Slices - Revealed

Those of you who guessed Gloria Pizza were correct! Specifically, one of their whole wheat plain slices and one of their grilled chicken salad slices. Both were delicious. If you haven't tried them yet, Gloria, one of our newer pizza places in FoHi, is located right next to the Midway Theater.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alleged Cannibal Cop Lives in FoHi

Readers are emailing me today about this rather gruesome story. Those with weak stomachs should read no further:

From The Times:

Officer Held in Plot to Cook Women and Eat Them

All Eyes on Hurricane Sandy

The latest analysis from the weather experts is that things are looking more and more likely for an historic storm to move towards the NYC metro area as early as this Sunday. While there's been some uncertainty as to the direct path of the storm, the weather models are coming more into alignment that the hurricane will not swing out to sea but loop into the East Coast, possibly near New Jersey or Long Island. This would mean a direct hit for our area and the potential for a storm of historic magnitude. Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Name That Slice!

Yes, it's time for our favorite game here on EOTC: Name That Slice! See if you can guess where these delectable slices of pizza came from:

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Perfect Storm, The Sequel?

By the way, there's talk on some of the weather sites of a huge storm later this weekend. It would start out as a tropical storm or hurricane ("Sandy") and then track up the east coast and merge with another storm right near us.

Of course, whether this weather actually materializes is a huge long shot. But we shall see...

Another Wine Bar Coming to Forest Hills

A new awning has gone up for something called Keuka Kafe in a storefront near the fire house on Queens Blvd., in the space where the pet grooming business last was I think.

The information at the location, according to the reader who contacted me about it, says it will be a wine bar, and also sell beer and salads.

My first reaction is a bit mixed. I'm not sure we need another wine bar given that Jack & Nellie's just opened around the corner on Ascan? (By the way, I visited Jack & Nellie's over the weekend — look for a review soon.)

Also, I'm a bit puzzled and somewhat disappointed that whoever is opening this didn't recognize that this part of Forest Hills is pretty far from anywhere else to grab a high-end cup of coffee and kick back and relax. What we really could use is a small, indie coffee place.

I found the above logo on the web, by the way.  And I also found an interior diagram, which if it is indeed the place, looks like it has the potential to be another cute spot to hang out. But, like I said, would've preferred a straight-out coffee place.

Lots of Good Info on 'Windsor 2' Development

The following link is just chock full of good info, renderings and architectural diagrams of the new development being built on the north side of Queens Blvd., next to the Key Food:

I just can't help thinking how out of place that sad, downscale Key Food is going to look next to this gleaming new development. <sigh> ... So sad, so very, very sad... We come this close, and yet can't seem to overcome the legacy stuff in this neighborhood that is holding it back from coming fully into its own as a first-rate NYC 'hood.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More on Beer Hall

Another shot of Marianella's
The inside of Marianella's
By the way, I walked by the old Marianella's last eve to eyeball for myself the QR code on the window—just wanted to get a sense for myself what exactly is up with that location. My conclusion is the beer hall is indeed coming to the site. There's a sign saying they have applied for an alcohol license, and the QR code is very visible and was obviously posted there to intrigue anyone walking by—a creative way to garner some publicity among the younger clientele who a beer hall would indeed be targeting.

Hofbrauhaus in Munich
Above are some pics of the inside of the former Marianella's. As one of the commenters on this blog asked: Is the space big enough for a beer hall? It won't be the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, no. But it could very definitely become a really nice Hall...

Social Soup Experiment

This was held yesterday...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just thought I'd share a cool photo I took today near the Meatpacking District. Click on it for a larger view.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Beer Hall Coming to Forest Hills?

A reader sent this in to me tonight, scanned from a QR Code on the window of what formerly was Marianella's, the short-lived Mexican restaurant near the LIRR station (next to McDonald's). The reader says there are also work permits up on the window. Needless to say, this would be awesome for the neighborhood.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Construction Moving Forward

Construction of the CVS and the new condo that some are calling the "Windsor 2" is moving forward on the north side of Queens Blvd., next to the Key Food.
Here's what the construction site looked like this afternoon:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Second Debate

I thought that was a masterful job by President Obama in last night's debate. His tone was perfect, right on target, clear, and forceful when he needed to be. Check out the segment in the video at around 1:12:00 :

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Classifieds Section Updated

The classifieds section has been updated...


A crisp autumn afternoon made it a good day for a game of chess, or two, in MacDonald Park.


The Atari 2600 turns 35
On October 14th, 2012, the Atari 2600 turned 35. As one of the oldest game systems (Magnavox Odyssey is a bit older), gamers owe most of the infrastructure of the game industry to the pioneers at Atari.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frozen Yogurt for Metropolitan, Too

Thanks to a reader for sending in this pic of yet another frozen yogurt place opening in Forest Hills, this time on Metropolitan Ave. I think the location is between 71st Drive and 72nd Ave.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Touch of Glass for Austin

I'm liking what I'm seeing as they start to reveal the new gourmet food shop Mr. Vino's Cucina, on Austin St. Nice and sleek looking...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

This looks great...

New James Bond Theme

.... This is growing on me... what do you all think?
Not sure if it will end up rivaling my faves by Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Duran Duran and Carly Simon. We'll see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Restaurant Review: La Vigna

So happy to report that I can add another local restaurant to my list of favorites: La Vigna on Metropolitan Ave.

One person on the blog's Facebook page had been strongly recommending La Vigna for quite some time now. So I finally had the chance to check it out for myself and I was not disappointed. We all thoroughly enjoyed our dinner there Friday night.

I have to admit I was also surprised by just how modern and new the place was. For some reason I was expecting an older restaurant showing its age like some of the other places on Metropolitan.

Metropolitan Ave. is really becoming quite a strip for some excellent dining!

Update: The person who recommended La Vigna to me on our Facebook page adds:
 Here is what I love about them- they give you elaborate (free) bread plates, often with different cheeses and olives, and sometimes bruschetta, as opposed to the mediocre store bought rolls that other Italian restaurants offer. They also have an amazing Italian Cheesecake dessert. And, their prix fix menu on Sundays is a fairly decent bargain.

Here's some of what we had. (Sorry. The pics aren't the greatest. I'm looking forward to my new camera—coming soon!)

Clams Casino

Ravioli di Zucca   21.00Homemade ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, butternut squash,& ricotta cheese in butter & sage sauce

Pollo Marsala   17.95Breast of chicken with mushrooms in a Marsala sauce

Ravioli   16.95Homemade cheese ravioli in a light tomato & basil sauce

Friday, October 5, 2012

Soon Staple-Less

.... at least those of us who don't have a car or don't live near Metropolitan Ave. What a pain! Now where am I going to get my paper and ink??

Yes, I received a flurry of emails and tweets late yesterday that the Staples on 71st/Continental is closing at the end of this month. That leaves the nearest one down near Metropolitan Ave., I think near the Trader Joe's if my memory serves me correctly. Out of reach on foot of most of us central Forest Hills residents.

Staples is the kind of store I always just took for granted. Of course there's a Staples nearby! I never gave it a thought really. So this comes as kind of a shock and a really annoying development for our neighborhood.

The only silver lining is this leaves a very nice, large space for another business to come in to the nabe, smack dab in the center of Forest Hills' main shopping drag. Hopefully it will be something useful and interesting...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

First Presidential Debate

These debates are always surprising. They never seem to turn out the way people expect. It will be interesting to see what effect it has on the election. My prediction: very little. I don't think the people in Ohio who have had their jobs saved by Obama care much about a debate. They care that Obama saved their jobs. And that, my friends, is what will turn out to be all that matters.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Arts & Crafts Studio Coming to Metropolitan

The anticipated opening of Oliloli is mid-November. Construction began at the location today: 103-23 Metropolitan Avenue, pretty close to 71st Ave. The owner, a Forest Hills resident for 12 years and a mother of two, envisions a space for both adults and children to take a variety of classes and workshops. Check out the website below. It looks really interesting. 

The website is

Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 5 Best Things

Here it is, the list you've all been waiting for! The first edition of what will be an occasional feature here on the blog: My countdown of the "Top 5 Best Things That Have Happened To FoHi." At least recently, anyway:

5. Martha's Country Bakery Expansion - Was just in there for dessert Saturday evening. What a marvelous job they did on their expansion into the next door space. While their cakes may not be the best in NYC, they more than do the trick. Always exceedingly fresh and top quality. But it's the atmosphere of their new place that is just what FoHi needed. Always packed, the line never ending and the decor is so upbeat and friendly. Just a great place to hang out with friends.

4. Emily's Sugar Rush - Such a cute little shop. Just the kind of charming indie store Forest Hills needed to set it apart from every other NYC neighborhood. Not to mention, the place is packed to the rafters with just about every kind of candy you could ever want.

3. Chipotle - Coming Soon. They can't open this soon enough.

2. La Boulangerie - From the upscale French bakery ambience, to the amazing breads and other baked goods, to the delicious salads and sandwiches, sometimes I wonder: 'What did we do to deserve such a great place?' I mean our casual food scene here in FoHi went from virtually zero to amazing in one day when La Boulangerie opened.

And the No. 1 best thing to happen to FoHi recently:

1. Bareburger - How long has this place been open now? About 7 months? It's hard to remember how I ever got along without it. Basically, it offers everything I'd want from a terrific diner (which I still pray will open here, by the way) - great salads, sandwiches, and of course burgers, shakes and fries. And much healthier to boot. And delicious. And fun. And beer. And pickles. And their sauces. And their panko chicken strips... I can go on and on...

So there's my Top 5 list. Look for my Top 5 Worst List coming soon! :(