Thursday, April 28, 2016

Inside the Shake Shack

A reader sent in these pics. I've peeked inside myself and the space looks really nice, with a really cool upstairs seating area and what looks like seating that runs along the right side downstairs as well.

Paul Simon Concert Raffle

Friends of Station Square is having a raffle for a two pairs of concert tickets, one for Paul Simon,July 1, and the other for Flight of the Conchords on July 20.

Raffle tickets may be purchased on the Friends of Station Square website

Friends of Station Square, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 
1992 to promote and encourage community spirit, and to heighten community support for the preservation, improvement and beautification of Station Square and its surrounds.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Woman Injured by Hit and Run Driver

I received this email and disturbing photo from a reader today about a pedestrian hit at the intersection of 71st Continental Ave. and Austin Street on Friday evening:

Attention Edge Of the City: 
It may interest you to know that on Friday 4/22 around 6:30pm a woman was struck by a car on Austin St. (See attached photo Hit and run) As a routine commuter using the LIRR on weekdays this intersection is crazy. People running red lights all the time, road rage, K turns etc with people piling out of the E and F trains and LIRR, school kids and shoppers many of whom step off the side walk and into the road to cross or to pass slow moving people. The volume of pedestrians and motorists are clearly in the thousands. Queens is the most deadly borough leading the way with traffic related deaths and head injuries. Why there isn't a traffic cop at this intersection is beyond comprehension. My question to Melinda Katz is this...How many people have to get hit by a car in order to put a cop on duty at this intersection? 

Sincerely yours,

Infuriated Dad

The Family Restaurant Closes

I first heard about this over the weekend, but wanted to see what was up before I posted anything. But The Family Restaurant, a long-time favorite of many Forest Hillers, and one of the older restaurants along that stretch of Queens Blvd., looks like it has closed. It has been closed for several days now...

I think I went to it once, on the advice of a friend, after moving to Forest Hills. I found the food to be just okay, not good enough that I wanted to go back. In fact, I'm not positive, but I think this might be the first post I've ever done about them.