Monday, July 16, 2018

Defend Your Country - Vote This November

I rarely use this blog to delve into politics - mostly because the political climate has really bored me for the past couple of years - I mean the right choice is so incredibly obvious these days.

But today I feel the desire to.

A foreign power has tried to divide our country and weaken our democracy. Don't let them. Vote this November - and never, ever hate your fellow Americans. That is exactly what this foreign power wants. Stand united as Americans and exercise your beloved democratic power to vote! Do not let the fascists of this world defeat us by falling into their trap and letting them divide us as a nation!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Corner of Restaurant Row & Austin St.

The going-out-of-business signs caught my eye a couple of months ago and now things are really getting going: some big-time development going in at the corner of Austin Street and Restaurant Row. I know originally the yogurt place was supposed to be turned into some type of Mediterranean grill. Does anyone know if that is still what is happening? It sure would be one mammoth Mediterranean grill if so, since there are now two adjacent storefronts that are part of this development...

Local Pizza Competition Continues to Heat Up

The absolutely superb new Italian restaurant on Restaurant Row, Numero 28, recently started delivering. And this was followed by the news that Lillian, the much-loved pizzeria in the Gardens area, is under new management and now delivers -- depending on how much you order -- to much of the central Forest Hills area. This, of course, is excellent news for the thousands of Forest Hills residents -- like myself -- that would never think of owning a car in NYC, so getting down to Lillian, or Trader Joe's, or anything south of Austin Street, for that matter, is a rare occasion.

One of Lillian's pies