Saturday, May 26, 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend and takes some time to think of those who lost their lives serving our country.

Spotted this very patriotic display of Beetles while taking a stroll through the Gardens on Friday.  Yes, I realize they're foreign cars and one is silver, but it's the thought that counts!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When It Rains It Pours - Noodle Edition

A Twitter follower told me that we are getting yet another noodle shop, this time in what I think was the former bank location near Fay Da Bakery on Queens Blvd., around the corner from 71st/Continental.  This follows the apparent 'Forest Hills Law of Threes '-  where we can never just get one or two of a certain place, we need at least three of them to open in quick succession: banks, medical centers, ice cream places.

But, not to take away from the soon-to-open Ren Wen Noodle Factory, as you can read for yourself in the link below. It actually sounds pretty unique and interesting, and quite enticing. I am hungry for it already, actually, just writing this...

Noodle Shop to Open on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills
Ren Wen Noodle Factory, which opened its first location at 7 Great Neck Road in Flushing in March, will open a new noodle shop at 107-50 Queens Boulevard in late July or early August.
Read all about it here:

Speaking of noodles, I've now tried the two most recent ones that have opened on Austin St.: Xin Taste and Tamashii Ramen. My fave at this point is Xin, but then again I've gone to it several times and Tamashii only once. Xin's hand-pulled noodle soup with chicken is just awesome - the ingredients are so fresh and tasty.

The recently-opened Tamashii Ramen on Austin Street.

Forest Hills Woman Works to Create a Community Art Bus

Her next stop to bring creative programming to the borough comes in the form of an “art bus,” a traveling studio that will bring arts education directly into local communities. She plans to launch a Kickstarter to make the project reality in June or July. 

Read the full story here: