Monday, November 29, 2010

An All-Around Tragedy

From The NY Post: Qns. man run over twice on pizza run

This is one of those stories that are just so sad all around. Regular readers of this blog know by now how I feel about the incredible disadvantage pedestrians have in Queens when it comes to most all of their interactions with motorists. Queens Blvd. is a daily disaster where pedestrians have to hurry across lest they be struck down by one or another cars turning this way or that. And now this horrific incident on 108th St., and a previous one just recently on Yellowstone.

It's not really that hard to make our streets safer for pedestrians, is it? Not if the political will is there to take on the interests that are only concerned with the speedy flow of automobile traffic. We never did find out, by the way, who shortened the walk signals on Queens Blvd. a year or so ago so now it is virtually impossible to make it across without walking fast or even running. And no, new countdown clocks do not change the fact that there is not enough time for the average pedestrian to walk across with total and complete safety. The onus should not be on just the pedestrians, as it is now. And yet, not a peep from our local politicians about lengthening the time for pedestrians to cross Queens Blvd.

Why is that?

There is more to a city than just enabling cars to move as fast as they can. You have to make sure its people can move about safely on foot as well. They should not have to be risking life and limb when it comes to doing so.

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