Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Other Restaurant News...

In other intriguing restaurant news, the folks over at Patch report that the space on Austin where the popular restaurant MG's or Mardi Gras was until it suddenly closed Nov. 1st has been bought by the owner of Ripe in the Austin St. Mall. A new place will open there in 2011 - Read all the details here: A New Local Eatery Where MG's Used To Be


  1. That's really exciting! They are saying it will be a casual dining place. I think Ripe is great and this is much needed. What do you know about the fish restaurant across the street?

  2. All I know is what I saw with my own eyes just a few days ago when I peaked inside. It looks like it is still far from completion which is kinda surprising considering how long they have been working on it. But then again, Piu Bello was in there for a very long time so I guess it takes a while to remake the whole place into a new look and feel.
    I had heard it is owned by the same people who own Martha's Country Bakery across the street.
    So go figure, Ripe buys MG's across the street and Martha's buys Piu Bello's across the street. I guess these cross-Austin St. buys are a new trend!