Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Edge of the City Review: Mint's Thai Kitchen

I ordered in tonight from the "new" Mint's Thai Kitchen which opened a couple of weeks ago on the lower level of the Austin St. Mall. I put "new" in the previous sentence because there are rumors flying that this restaurant is the same as the previous restaurant in that spot, Thai Austin, but just with a new name.

I think I ordered take out from Thai Austin once when it was open, pretty shortly after it had opened in fact. The one memory I have was a negative one - I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai and I remember the unpleasant discovery of crunchy pieces of egg shell mixed in with the rest of the food. Blech!

Anyway, tonight I ordered the same dish, Chicken Pad Thai, as a main course from Mint's. And lo and behold - no egg shells! And, what's more, it was very good. I like to order this classic Thai food dish to test out a new place when it opens. I've had so many Pad Thai's at so many places that I figure it is a good barometer of how things are overall at a new Thai place. This one I would rate an A. It wasn't unbelievably great; instead I would just call it quite satisfying. There was nothing to complain about.

The Thai Iced Tea came separated from the ice. Nice touch!
I should add, however, that I was at a disadvantage in relishing all the flavors of the Pad Thai because right before it I had eaten Mint's Shrimp Lemon Grass Soup (Tom Yum Kung). Now this was excellent, a definite A+. But I have to warn you all - this is one spicy soup! And this was really my only complaint with my first Mint's experience - their menu says this soup is "mild," but this soup was very spicy. I was literally sweating and my sinuses were cleared by this soup.... but in a good way. I would definitely order this soup again, but this time I would be prepared for HOT!

On the customer service side of things, when I ordered on the phone the lady told me it would take 15 minutes. I hung up thinking, 'ok, we'll see about that.'  But, amazingly, she was right on the money - it took 15 minutes to get the food.

Speaking of money, the soup, Chicken Pad Thai and also a Thai Iced Tea (also delicious and very much needed to offset the spiciness of the soup), cost me $16 (before tip).

If you haven't seen it yet (click here for my earlier post, menu included) Mint's has an innovative menu for a Thai restaurant, but with pretty reasonable prices. I especially am looking forward to trying their "From the Wok" selections, which include Vegetable Medley with Tofu, Shrimp Ginger & Garlic, and other dishes.

So, overall, Mint's gets an Edge of the City "A" for very reasonable prices and excellent food. I am just a little concerned about their slightly misleading menu. Other than that, a good, affordable new eatery for Forest Hills. Oh, and about that name - the food did come with chopsticks still bearing the name "Thai Austin." So, the mystery continues.


  1. ive never had thai austin, but this sounds good!

  2. I went to Mint's the other day for lunch, and that might be the best deal in the neighborhood. You get a choice of appetizer and an entree for $8, or less even with the 10% discount for paying with cash. I started with the same soup as Drake and really liked it, then had the panang curry -- very good and a little different with lychee among the vegetables. I had Thai Austin only once, and it was pretty forgettable, so it seems like there's some nice change going on here.

  3. I ordered delivery from this place twice. The first time I was impressed with their fast delivery and the food was pretty tasty. My husband ordered a dish with three stars (indicating very spicy) and was crying by the end of the meal. However, the 2nd time we ordered, it was disappointing. We had pad thai and found it to be very bland. The chicken had no taste to it at all and the noodles were very dry. I'd like to give this place another go but it seems to be hit and miss.