Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Koch Bridge

Hmmm... I guess I can get used to that. He deserves it.

I'm no expert on his accomplishments, but I do know it is hard to find a man who cares more about his city and its people:

New York bridge to be renamed for former Mayor Ed Koch


  1. I hope people don't mispronounce it. lol

  2. Koch was an awful mayor. Nothing got done during his 12 years and he allowed the city to continue on its path of mediocracy and disarray. I can't understand why he should have a bridge named after him. What's next, the Dinkins tunnel?

  3. Mediocracy and disarray? Then that name fits the bridge perfectly!

    But on a serious note, why do bridges, tunnels, or street names have to be changed to honor someone? It's a waste of time and money, and also creates confusion.

  4. you say you dont know much about his accomplishments yet say he 'deserves it'... what are you basing this statement on?

  5. For all of his accomplishments and the details of Ed Koch's very rich life, I would point you here:

    But from my perspective, Mayor Koch was the face of New York City while I was growing up. He led the City through a very difficult period with a consistently positive outlook and a witty and often humorous demeanor - something which should not just be easily dismissed (many would argue today, for instance, that for all his intelligence, what President Obama is lacking is this exact quality - a human side.)

    Was the City perfect while he was mayor? Far from it. Some might argue Mayor Koch was the victim in that regard of his times. We have learned more since then about the balances necessary to make an enormous city like New York run well. The balances between a hard-line law enforcement approach and a softer side that tries to make life easier for all of its citizens.