Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Two Forest Hills

Just what the hell is going on with this horrible incident that happened at Bartini's bar at Station Square, the almost unimaginable beating death of Rosedale resident Haroon Walfall on Nov. 27? I have been browsing online and can't believe how an already horrible tragedy is starting to balloon into calls for more violence and bloodshed.

There are two Forest Hills - one that myself and every civilized person I know inhabit, and then another that seems to emerge late night/early morning at certain establishments in and around Austin St., especially on the weekends.

Someone is not doing their job here - whether it is law enforcement, our Chamber of Commerce, our local politicians, I don't know who. But I do know one thing: there is no room in Forest Hills for this crap. We all work too damn hard to live in this neighborhood to have people smearing its fine name with incidents of violence like this. Take it elsewhere if you have to do it. And Bartini's, move your freakin' bar somewhere else if this is the kind of environment you are going to be bringing to this neighborhood.

It's hard to find a neighborhood in New York City more peaceful or family-friendly than Forest Hills. It's one of the nicest parts of the city and its fine, hard-working citizens should NEVER have to be concerned for their safety as they walk the streets of their neighborhood, whether it is during a late night stroll on Austin on a Saturday night, or any other time.

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  1. Amen. Honestly, I never knew that place existed until this incident. I wish it had been in the news for a better reason.