Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Foot in Mouth Disease

Published: January 12, 2011
Sarah Palin issues a forceful denunciation of her critics in a video statement that accused pundits and journalists of "blood libel."

So, what does this mean? Is she anti-semitic, as some have now been saying? Who knows. Does she consistently display an inability to research just about anything, and learn? You betcha!

After all, a simple Google search of "blood libel" brings up a lengthy explanation from Wikipedia of the significance of this term, and the deep-reaching harm it has done to Jewish people throughout history.

Now, is Sarah Palin responsible for what happened in Arizona? You betcha again! Putting cross-hairs on Mrs. Giffords' congressional district? You're one hateful, irresponsible person, and all of this negative publicity is what you deserve.


  1. You are so wrong and go exactly against what the President is trying to accomplish. She has as much to do with this shooting as you do. How about looking at his parents before you look at Palin? It's nice that you hold to the party line but how about thinking like an American instead?

  2. I don't agree. If a public figure and possible future leader who some people look up to fosters an environment where an impressionable, disturbed mind comes away thinking it is ok to shoot some one, they are as much responsible for his actions as anyone else.

    And I don't agree with Obama completely on his response to this tragedy. He should tell it like it is: If it wasn't for the conservative right wing of this country (Republicans, Tea Party, etc. it's all the same), and their 'politics of distraction' from our country's real problems , we wouldn't have the intolerant, hateful atmosphere that is leading people to commit these crimes. (Don't forget, this is but the latest - albeit worst - in a series of crimes.) The right wing consistently uses hate and intolerance to distract us all from their short-sighted policies based solely on profits: corporate and financial greed at the expense of our middle class, supporting health insurance companies that find new ways to deny us coverage as they raise our premiums, to name just a couple.
    I wish I could say they are un-American (like you call me), but actually it is very American to do what they are doing. It is also very American to try to bring this into some balance which is less extreme.

  3. I am not calling you un-American; I am saying you are not thinking broadly but rather narrowly through partisan eyes. I would never acuse anyone whose opinion differs from mine as being un-American. That would indeed be...un-American. See how easy it is to NOT communicate?

  4. Can we all just get along?

    (That was my lame attempt at humor to lighten up the situation)

  5. Blech - I sat through the most nauseating attempt by Anderson Cooper last night to play up to this sudden, new-found need for "civility" when he obnoxiously literally berated a congressman for saying Republicans had adopted Nazi tactics in their lies about the health care legislation.
    If what the congressman said is uncivilized, I'll take it any day! Call them out on what they have done, and are doing! Tell it like it is! No more pussy-footing around. I think it's a lot more civilized to stand up to liars - it makes for a better, more civilized world in the long run, no?