Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Restaurant Recommendations

Aged - I recently had an excellent NY Strip Steak at this restaurant, located along "Restaurant Row," (70th Road) in Forest Hills. I also ordered the wedge salad as an appetizer. It was very good, but if I was them I'd offer it in an "individual" size as well. At $9, I could barely finish it. And I hate when restaurants do that -- just lower the price and cut the size in half. Also, I ordered just a Coke with my meal, not one of the $10 martinis which are sooooo common now all over the city. Please - give me more than a test tube filled with soda. Anyway, the steak was so awesome that I am willing to overlook what I consider pricing problems with their salads and size problems with their non-alc drinks. Needless to say, they are not at all alone in pricing salads high and under-serving sodas. It's just a pet-peeve of mine that I wish restaurants would focus on. I did notice they had clam chowder for like $4, which is much more reasonable for an appetizer.

EuroPan - (At the corner of 70th Road and Austin St.) Those who have been reading this blog for a while, know I have for a long time been on a quest here in Forest Hills for something many other neighborhoods in NYC take for granted - a simple, delicious, take-out sandwich! (Sorry, folks, the local diners simply do not cut it. And Ripe, while healthy, for some reason feels it has to over-spice and over-flavor their sandwiches. They taste either over-grilled, over-garlicky... well, you get the picture.) Thankfully, I have discovered that EuroPan seems to have finally satisfied this extremely important local need. I've had their grilled chicken sandwich and their turkey sandwich. Both times in a pita, kind of like a panini. They have been very tasty, fresh, satisfying. But most of all - they are SIMPLE! No added, strange out-of-place seasonings. Now, are they on the level of what a New York City restaurant sandwich should be? No way, of course not. I'd rate them maybe a 4 out of 10 on my Shake Shack scale. (What is my Shake Shack scale you ask? Simple - Since I just a couple of days ago had a double cheese burger there for lunch and am still fantasizing about the experience, my Shake Shack Scale is the following: On the bottom of the scale, a 1, would be the now-defunct Twin Donut Teriyaki Chicken Salad. On the top of the scale, a 10, would be a Shake Shack double cheese burger.)

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