Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We've Got Raccoons.... Who Knew?!

So apparently a new reality show is recruiting here in Forest Hills for residents who have been besieged by raccoons. According to the Patch website, the new reality show follows pest control agencies here in NYC: Got Raccoons? Want To Have Them Taken Care Of On TV?

I know I am probably alone with this feeling, but I still hold out a dream that the era of "reality" television will meet a swift end soon! (I guess I heard someone predict that back in like 1993 and I still hold onto it with all my hope - how pathetic am I?)

Speaking of reality TV, am I also the only one who believes that the producers of the Golden Globes vetted and approved every single joke Ricky Gervais said before the show? I believe Gervais surprised and shocked the show's producers with his edgy jokes as much as I believe Janet Jackson's Super Bowl boob was an accident! Someone told me quite a few years ago that when it comes to television nothing ever happens by accident, because sponsors don't like accidents, nor do they like to be surprised. And sponsors are king, because sponsors pay the paychecks, sponsors pay the bills, etc., etc... You get the picture.

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