Friday, February 25, 2011

Medical Hall Pharmacy Closes

After 42 years, the Medical Hall Pharmacy, on the north side of Queens Blvd., near the Key Food, has shut its doors. A sign says all former prescriptions are now being handled by the Rite Aid Pharmacy on Austin St. This is but the latest store along that strip to close. Rumors are something big may be afoot, or it could be nothing at all - just a sign of the still depressed economy.

This was what Cord Meyer had once proposed for that corner. Are the plans back on?

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  1. Too bad for Medical Hall Pharmacy, the Delicatessen, and the fruit store. Let's keep in mind that Key Food went all out for a renovation in 2007-2008. I don't think they would have, if the predictable and mundane Windsor 2 was rising. If that Cord Meyer development rises, it will be another sign of how mega developers make it difficult for the family businesses that give communities its soul. If Cord Meyer wants to develop, do so in a tasteful style that ties into the neighborhood's majority of historic architecture, but develop on an empty lot or a site that has no character or significance. Why pick on what's already developed? This site is an Art Deco creation that was once one of the most popular nightspots, Carlton Terrace. Its streamline Art Deco style facade with polished stainless steel is a testament.