Thursday, March 24, 2011

Agora's Menu

Here is Agora Taverna's take-out menu. By the way, they told me they do not take reservations... yet.


  1. I see a variety of Greek food. Does anyone worry how a neighborhood favorite, Corfu, which is a few doors away, will hold up? Also, has the owner of Agora considered some of the competition? Unless we have a large Greek population in Forest Hills, I am hard-pressed to see how 2 Greek restaurants will survive side by side. Who's with me?

  2. There's also Nick's Bistro on Metro that opened up in the past year as well. I love Nick's but that's a lot of Greek food!

    Would love to hear a review of the quality of the octopus and whole fish here if someone tries them. Thanks!

  3. I ate at Corfu even though I would have eaten at the new one. But it was cold and I didn't feel like waiting.

    Corfu's food was mediocre as usual. Was hungry and I decided to pop into Corfu last minute.

    Ordered lamb slouvaki but they only had pork but I took it anyway. Then got a slouvaki stick on the side.

    Too much food and I took some home with me.

    Corfu is a much smaller restaurant but it did have customers eating there. But I would argue that the new place has a much better fare including a nicely priced Filet Mignon Kabob platter for $13.95.

    Would have eaten there but it was too cold and I didn't want to wait since it was a full house. Will get less busy eventually.

    But they did improve the community and the look and feel and upgraded that section really nice.

    You are getting a much higher class crowd than Piu Bello was and much better service to boot with much better fare.

    It works out all around. Corfu will survive, it had lots of customers today.

  4. I am glad they moved Piu Bello to the other space where the restaurant is now since I don't go by that section.

  5. Crossing Queens Blvd.March 26, 2011 at 3:03 PM

    I went to Agora last night at 7:30 and the wait for a table was 30 to 40 minutes even though a member of my party was a Forest Hills big shot (no, not Mr. Weiner). Although we elected to leave and try again another night, the owners did a beautiful job designing the space, and if the food and service are of the same caliber, they'll be a big success.

  6. Forest Hills Big shot? There are no big shots here, period.

  7. I am always weary when a restaurant has such a huge menu, needing to store numerous items, especially meat, poultry and fish. I hope that it's not a matter of time before that affects the quality of the food.