Friday, March 4, 2011

New CVS for North Side of Queens Blvd.?

... that's what I hear... but this is unconfirmed at this point. Today brought the news that What A Deal!!! will be closing in 6 days, and the jeweler on that block is also closing its doors. So, there is a whole row of stores on that block next to the Key Food either vacant or soon-to-be.


  1. Now you gotta do your drug store survey again! Interesting, did you know the CVS was coming before you posted that survey?

  2. No, I had just heard rumors about the CVS before. We'll see if the person who told me about it today turns out to be reliable!

  3. Crossing Queens BlvdMarch 4, 2011 at 7:22 PM

    Good economy or bad economy, an entire row of storefronts on a heavily traveled street do not all go out of business at the same time.

    Either the landlord already has a new tenant in place or the landlord wanted everyone out so the entire space could be marketed to a larger retailer.

    Looking forward to the change.

  4. Obviously a retailer of CVS size has the clout and credit that makes for an attractive tenant. For a building owner to do a triple net with this tenant is great for pulling cash out of his property sometime in the future. Banks love properties with that kind of tenant.

  5. Cord Meyer owns this site and the proposed Windsor 2 development was supposed to go on this site and approvals were given.

    If a Windsor 2 gets built now or on this site in the future I wouldn't know but a vendor like CVS isn't going to want to make upgrades to the site only for a Windsor 2 to be built and constructed forcing all the other ground tenants out.

    My guess is Cord Meyer either raised the rental rates for these properties which forced the tenants out all at the same time.

    Or the Windsor 2 project is in fact in developmental stages now and will go forward as planned for that location bringing new ground floor retailers and space to the area.

    Perhaps Cord Meyer secured the necessary financing to bring the Windsor 2 project to fruitition.

    CVS could be an Anchor tenant in the New Windsor 2 as proposed. The space vacated seems to be way larger than the needed space for a CVS.

  6. With all the stores closing down I guess that house prices there are low.