Monday, April 25, 2011

Hot Time!

Who said it could be summer in April anyway? I guess this fits though with the recent pattern - it seems like all the seasons now start about a month earlier than they used to. So I guess like last summer we can expect August (maybe even July the rate this summer is going) to be pretty mild and most of the heat in May and June. We shall see.

Oh, and a pleasant development that would make Jerry Seinfeld quite happy! The smell of mothballs in my building's hallways which almost had me moving last summer has suddenly today been replaced by the sweet smell of Russian Babka! Delighful!

For lunch today, it was a delectable salad from Energy Green again. The best one I've had so far! A little grilled chicken and very tasty ranch dressing made this one another winner!

By the way, out during lunch this afternoon I walked past the site of the soon-to-be Old Vienna Cafe and noticed several workmen inside remaking the space from its former La Terrazza incarnation. At the pace they were working, and the number of workmen there today, this place should be opening sooner rather than later.

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