Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two Spaces Under Development

... and two mysteries. I have no idea yet what is coming into them. If you know, please do share...

The first is next to the Midway Theater, the old corner La Terrazza restaurant space. It has sat mostly empty since the restaurant closed I guess over a year or so ago. I think it's only use since was for a "pop-up" synagogue over Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. (Hmmm, I wonder if that is the first time the term 'Pop-Up Synagogue' has ever been used?)

And the second space I just found out about this weekend. It's that Cards N' Such stationery store space on Austin St. that closed a while ago (on the Rite Aid side). I saw a worker inside today as I walked by.


  1. La Terraza and the Pizza store which went under is also out of business.

    That section has contractor permits in to do work. Replace boiler, and HVAC and change the configuration of the upstairs.

    Owner is putting money into the building for upgrades and changes but doesn't appear to be demolishing the structure itself. But it does seem like all tenancy is vacated sans the movie theatre.

    Would have been nice if they knocked it down much like the property across the street but it just looks like it will be minor upgrades to the structure hoping for new tenancy.

    Unclear if they are fixing it up with any known tenants in mind. Only mainstream tenant seems to be the movie theatre.

  2. Card and Such along with Buster Brown were 2 of the oldest facades on Austin Street. Both in poor shape.

    No clue whats going there but its been known that those 2 stores closed down for awhile now. Buster Brown I believe became a Cellphone store if I recall.

    Makes the community look nicer with new front signage instead of the extremely old fronts of yesteryear.

  3. I heard thru the grapevine a Mafia owned restaurant will be replacing La Terraza, owned by the Calamanti's from Sicily.

  4. The Midway Theatre is an Art Moderne work designed by Thomas W. Lamb in 1942, and is named after WWII's Battle of Midway. He is considered one of America's foremost theater architects of the 20th century. In major architectural publications, the Midway Theatre is featured. The accordion-style limestone facade with its illuminated vertical beacon, and the curved lobby area with domes and the sweeping staircase are deemed historic by architectural critics and preservationists.

    Onto another subject, I can picture a sleek 60s era car parked out front of the pebble and angular polished steel facade of what was formerly Cards N' Such, and also appreciate the recessed storefront of what was formerly Buster Brown Shoes. It grants an interactive experience with the streetscape, and a creatively designed double-sided window with showcased goods draws the patron in.

  5. La Terrazza is going to be now Old Vienna Cafe. I just saw the sign posted out front. Hmmm ....

  6. Thanks for the heads up Petite!

  7. They wouldn't accept my lease terms. No OMERTA!