Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Emily's Sugar Rush Pictures

If you haven't yet had a chance to visit Forest Hills' new candy store, located at the corner of Austin and 72nd Ave., here are some photos of the inside. I think it's a cute addition to our main shopping district.


  1. What did you think about Emily's Sugar Rush? I walked in and was slightly disappointed because I can find half the candies at any CVS or Rite Aid. I was hoping for more than the usual jelly bellys and M&Ms. However, I think if they switch up the candy from time to time, it'll become a neighborhood favorite.

    Would love to hear if the cake slices were worth the money or if I should just stick to Marthas?

  2. A friend of mine felt the exact same way you do, that much of the candy could be found in any drugstore. That is disappointing. Hopefully, they will introduce some more hard-to-find candy, like some of the older nostalgia brands, or even their own store brand.
    On a more positive note, I have to say it's a very cute little place and when I went in today it was very crowded - a lot of kids in there. So it is already on its way to becoming a neighborhood favorite. It's a very good idea - there isn't another store like it on Austin.
    I haven't tried the cake slices - if you do, let us know what you think.

  3. Totally agree on the disappointment. Pple were hyping up the place and on grand opening it just looked like a bland candy store. I'm not impressed at all. They should 'rush' it up at least with ice cream/ gelato or even floats. Serendipity style. I give it less than a yr.

  4. I agree with L. Who's dumb enough to pay $11 a pound for jelly beans? Another Austin St. disappointment as usual. Just wait and see, grand opening will be grand closing in no time.

  5. First, I must disclose that I know Ingrid, the owner of Emily's, I did not know it was her store until I saw her when I walked in. Her daughter went to Our Lady of Mercy (a Forest Hills School) with my daughter.

    I thought the store was cute, homey and just plain adorable. Is the candy selection limited - Yes. But, Ingrid told me she is going to bring much more. And, if you know her or her husband, They will. Ingrid wants suggestions. She told me she cannot spend the money on things people will not buy.

    Now, after reading your comments, here is what I know. You bloggers are self important, mean spirited know nothings. Yes. Being a mother, when I went to Dylan's Candy Bar in Roosevelt Field - I was charged 12.99 per pound and they are backed by Ralph Lauren (who is not a small middle class family like the Brodericks). The M&M Store in Manhattan charges 11.99 per pound and they make the stuff! AC Moore charges 6.00 for 7 ounces of M&Ms which converts to 14.00 per pound. So, you are all a bunch of know nothings.

    Ice Cream - Ralph's Ices is next door and Hagen Daz down the block. You see how big those refrigerators are. Where are you going to put that in Emily's. Where geniuses? You cannot otherwise the store is no longer homey.

    Coffee - Where are you going to put the machines, water lines, drain lines, etc. (If you have a brain, you just figured out what I do for a living).

    Give them a chance. I know the Brodericks. GO Ingrid!

    And, if Ingrid ever reads this, I want an invite to Emily's Birthday Party. Don't let these people get you down - They have never been to one of your parties and they are just mean spirited know it alls who actually know nothing.

  6. Well I for one would love to be her candy consultant! I thought the store was really cute and I bought quite a few samples. The cake was absolutely delicious. I would get rid of the starbursts, jellybeans, and m&m's, keep the taffy, giant gummy bears, maryjanes, colored gumballs, the swirly vintage pops and the pez, and add lemonheads, redhots, gobstoppers, peppermint balls, mint-meltaways, and a nice selection of chocolate that you don't find in the local pharmacy or newsstand. I would also drop the price by about .15 and definitely cut the cotton candy price by half - you can get a bag for $1 in other stores... and though her's is a larger bag, it is not worth the $4 cost... I hope she can find a good mix, and as I said, I'd love to be her advisor on the choices! ; )~

  7. Well said SunChic. As a fellow FoHi candy-freak, I am available for any taste testings.

    I do have to agree that after waiting for the grand opening, my daughter and I were disappointed. The place was cute and I loved the awning. But it sounds like it will improve and we will continue going to support this new business.

    Isabella: I do understand and agree with some of your response and respect that you want to support your friend. We want to support her too and Austin Street businesses in general. However, there is no need for "You bloggers are self important, mean spirited know nothings, if you have a brain". No need at all.

    Ingrid: be assured we want to support your new business and best of luck in your new venture.

  8. The only way to be successful is to be more like Economy Candy in downtown Manhattan. Not only do you have to offer a wide variety like they do, you must also charge reasonable prices like they do as well. I agree that $11.99/lb. for simple candies is way too high for this neighborhood, and very few will pay it, regardless of how high the rent is for the store.

  9. Crossing Queens Blvd.May 11, 2011 at 1:58 PM

    While this store is a nice addition to Austin St. and I wish them success, the mix of candy is not diverse, unique, or special enough. Once the novelty wears off, parents will buy their kids a bag of M & M's at Duane Reade for $1.00.

  10. as a new store on austin, its off to a good start. For not even being open a week their collection of candy is growing rapidly. They also were asking for suggestions so if you looking for somthing special, give your input! The owners are more than willing toget the candy the customer wants, just ask and you shall recieve!

  11. Like Isabella, my son and daughter went to school with their little girl at Our Lady of Mercy. And, I know for a fact that Ingrid only came up with the concept a mere 6 weeks ago. I think she deserves a lot of credit for what she has accomplished in so short a time. She never ran and/or owned a store before. Ingrid and her husband are nice people - give them a chance.

    I was just there and I like the store! Who ever said she is charging 11.99 a pound is just flat wrong. It is 10.99 per pound as shown in the photograph above. And, I am sure her prices on other items will adjust over time. She has made some mistakes and will be the first to admit it to you but they never ran a store before. If you have courage, talk with her in person and inform her of the types of candy you like. If enough people request, I know she will bring. At a minimum she will listen (Duane Reade won't).

    Those who shop at Duane Reade should stay at Duane Reade. That is not her customer. Those who shop there can enjoy their stale candy (bet you never checked the expiration date), old hard Haibro gummy bears, stale M&Ms, etc. Or overpay at the movie theater. It is an Old Fashion Candy (sugar store) store adding much needed panache to that section of Austin Street.

    I know Ingrid and David - I can tell you they are already in the process of bringing things you cannot even find in the United States yet. These two are crazy and fun. They always threw their Child's B-day party at their house and no one ever wanted to leave. It was a treat to get invited and I am sure Ingrid's store will take on that personality.

    Honestly, give them a chance. They are highly nervous. All of us from Our Lady of Mercy - wish them the best.

    Like Isabella - I say GO INGRID!

  12. If Ingrid happens to find her way to this blog/comment board, I'd love to see a larger selection of 'handmade' chocolates ... almond bark, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate turtles, chocolate covered marshmallows, chocolate dipped pretzels.

    In general, I think they did a lovely job renovating the store and wish them nothing but luck!

  13. Boy oh boy, if I knew Forest Hills was this sugar-deprived I would have gone into the candy business instead of becoming a blogger. Oh well. One thing is quite obvious - when it comes to candy people certainly know what they like!

  14. I love how pro Ingrid and David people are but I don't think any of us commenters were being mean spirited. I can't speak for anyone else, but I was SUPER excited for this candy store to open and so imagine the disappointment of finding half the store filled with candy that I can find in any of the other shops. If the people I met were Ingrid and David, they were lovely and I really hope their store survives but saying that we should appreciate their stock of M&Ms instead of Duane Reade because it's fresher or that they should get a pass because they only came up with the idea to open up a store six weeks ago isn't going to keep me from going if the inventory doesn't change.
    If they are truly new to the candy world, they should visit Dylan's, Economy Candy store and my current favorite shop Sockerbit. All three are very different but SUPER busy because they are stocking 80% of their store with things you can't find easily. Their prices are high but I'm willing to pay for good quality candy that I can't find in every other shop.
    I really do wish Ingrid and David the best and hope their store makes it.

  15. Economy Candy prices are NOT high at all. They have the highest quality jelly beans selling for under $7 per pound. And, they ship to your home if you dont feel like making the trip to the city. Had EC opened on Austin they would have a line out the door onto the block.

  16. It would be great to see some sort of signature item for sale at the store, perhaps something named after the monkey on the window or with a monkey theme. Chocolate covered bananas?

  17. This is a great addition to the Forest Hills/Austin Street area. It hasn't even been it's first week as a store and they have over 100+ candies. They will be adding more as time goes on, so if you want you favorite candy there, just suggest it, that's all, pretty easy if you ask me. The likelihood of it coming to the store is high. Oh and I have tried the cakes and they are delicious!

  18. Economy candy is a dump! You want a dump - get on the F train and go to slums by the Williamsburgh Bridge and get your candy fix. Your time is obviously NOT that valuable. If you want to sit in front of your TV - do that and order - wonder what the shipping cost is?

    Emily's is a great little addition to Forest Hills.

    If you do not like their store - don't walk in! You will miss out on great cake. I tried it - Oh, la, la.

  19. I like Saar's comment - maybe - Frozen Bananas covered in chocolate - Sounds great. Maybe I will suggest it.

    I like the store.

  20. Chic little store. It should do very very well.

  21. I love it. They should do very well. Those who shop at EC are not their customer. I went there yesterday after reading all the reviews on this blog. EC is dirty, cramped, packed with people bumping into each other, no service and alot of candy past expiration. EC did have a huge selection of stuff that I would never buy and the price was a little not a lot cheaper; however, the savings, had I been able to buy anything, disappeared with the price of train fare there and back. And, the time I lost from my life getting there, attempting to shop, and coming home is with more than any potential savings. The whole EC adventure was 4 hours. So even if my time was worth a mere 8.00 an hour that is 32.00. So where is the savings. I don't think that little of myself to ever go to EC again.

    Emily'S is a great addition to forest hills and they should do very well.

  22. Cute store but why go in there? How much candy is someone going to buy to cover the rent at that location? It won't make it to Halloween.

  23. I must admit, I am tired of the sarcasm by some bloggers. It is counter-productive. If you feel something needs improvement, try to get in touch with the owner, and offer your suggestions for their consideration. An owner who wishes to thrive in the neighborhood should take positive tips from the costumers and greater community.

  24. Bulk chocolate would do very well because you can't get it anywhere else...choc. covered raisins, gummy bears and cookie dough would do well!!! Also, Dylans and all other candy stores sell bulk candy for at least $11.00 pr lb- so Emily's prices are not bad!!I hope this place lasts. Frozen Yogurt with toppings would be great too! :)

  25. I suggested choc. covered raisins and was surprised to see them. I agree with choc covered gummy bears and was told they will be there this week.

    I previously asked for the Mike & Ikes and coke bottles and they were both there within a week.

    I think the store will do ok. I asked about Ice Cream and Yogurt. The owner simply said - not enough space. That they would love to expand but there is no room.

    Price is not bad at all - Dylan's is 12.99 per pound.

  26. I walked in the other day with my daughter and unfortunately had to walk out because there was a very strong smell that my 2 year old didn't like. It wasn't a bad smell, maybe it was a candle or perfume but it was VERY strong. From what I saw in the 2 minutes I was there, it's a good start. If they bring in more foreign candies it would probably do very well.

    I was also at the Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg the other day and thought they had a great selection of local/artisan chocolates (i.e.; Liddabit, Tumbador, Mast Brothers) that are on the expensive side but excellent. It would be nice if they stocked a selection like that. I would definitely frequent if they did.

  27. Awesome Store!!! Every day they are adding something new. I was there today and saw them setting up more jars.

    Asked about Squirrel Nuts. Was told they came and went in a day. More after the holiday.

    The cake was great.

  28. Went on a bender last night and came across this store. Wow! I drank cold Tru-Blood and ate a scorpion. Cool! I bought the game they sell - Beanboozled - Watch out.

    Did I mention - I bought this stuff at 10:30 pm and they were still busy at 12:00 am.

    Nice. Thanks Guys - Had a lot of fun.

  29. A fine addition to our community. And the workers are friendly. A signature candy concoction would increase foot traffic here.

  30. Great store. Love the little vampires.

  31. Looks like Emily's is taking it up a notch. Each time I go in there is MORE and MORE and MORE!

    Wow. I really hope this store makes it.

  32. Forest Hills needed this store.

    For the guy who keeps talking about EC Candy - I suggest he actually go there, I did because I read his blog.

    First - who ever it is - is a LIAR of momentous proportions. Economy basically charges 10.00 per pound for M&Ms ($9.95). That is not a huge difference from Emily's, especially when you factor in the train ride and time.

    Second, EC's NON-Perils are $ 17.95 per pound!!!!!!!!!!! Emily's is 10.99 that is $ 7.00 per pound cheaper - MORON! Thanks for wasting my time! Maybe you did not graduate 2nd grade math, oh, I am sorry as a teacher - this is 3rd Grade math.

    In FACT all of their chocolates are MORE than Emily's - Try visiting the store next time before you open your mouth.

    Third - a number of the items are over 8 months past expiration.

    I really love Emily's for my candy addiction. Look forward to going there more and more.

  33. check out her yelp responses on her yelp business page. Yea the owner is a nice family. NOT..

    The owner seems nasty and is doing more harm then good responding to reviews like that.