Friday, May 6, 2011

Silly Idea of the Day

Do we really need this? It's this new self-parking car I've seen ads for. My first thought upon seeing the commercial was, "It won't work anyway." But, apparently, according to this video. It does. Ok, so my second thought is, "Really, with all the challenges facing humanity, do we really need a car that parallel parks itself?" And then my third thought was, "If I owned a car, would I really trust its parking to a robot? How do I know it won't suddenly just smack the damn thing into the cars in front and back of me? And then I am totally screwed! Thanks robot!!"

Watch the video and notice that quick moment of fear even in this woman who is demonstrating the car's self-parking ability, when her head whips around. That is how I would be, too. So I ponder: which would I choose? The moment of fear and stress that occurs every time I try to parallel park the car myself? Or the newly-discovered moment of fear and stress when I let the robot take over control of the car from me? I ask you...

1 comment:

  1. Not a silly idea. Tons of people who can't park for their lives no matter how big the parking spot is. Unfortunately, the self-parking wouldn't work with tight parking spots like they are here in NYC.