Friday, June 17, 2011

Austin St. Fire

A reader writes that there was some kind of a fireball and smoke on Austin St. near 71st Continental, in front of the Citibank about an hour ago... I'm hearing it's possibly a manhole cover explosion. Let us know if you saw anything.

Also told Austin St. is completely blocked off as ConEd, firefighters and EMT on the scene... Smoke is still billowing out of the manhole.

People in stores along Austin report lights flickering...


  1. I don't know either, but there is still smoke coming out of the manhole. ConEd is on the scene now investigating though!

  2. First It started in the small drain next to citibank. Huge Black smoke cloud was gushing for at least 20 minutes. Then "Bam" the manhole cover
    in the center of Austin Street in the photo blew! Sparks of flame and then cracking, popping noises on the street tons of smoke from small drain and large manhole. Possible Lightening strike may have ignited toxic gases from sewer drain. No comment from con ed or Fire dept. They don't know.

  3. Saw plumes of black smoke and fire coming out of the manhole. A couple of red emergency trucks arrived on the scene within l0 minutes.