Friday, June 10, 2011

Awaiting Old Vienna

I am very curious to see what the new Old Vienna Cafe is like when it opens in the space next to the Midway Theater. So far I have run across an application for the place's signage that calls it "Old Vienna Cafe & Bakery."

I've also found a website, which seems authentic, except for the plural "s" at the end...The website has an ominous "Independence Day" movie—like countdown clock, announcing the arrival of either this website, or the restaurant itself, in something like 5 days and touts: "Bringing Classic Viennese Cafe Traditions to Forest Hills, NY 11375"
See for yourself at:

I also ran across a help wanted ad for a waiter or waitress describing Old Vienna as "an upscale restaurant," and an application for a liquor license.

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  1. That website doesn't seem to work... do you know of another website address?