Friday, June 17, 2011

God Help Me

It's funny how all of a sudden Republicans are in favor of more regulation, not less..

Republicans Urge Cuomo to Alter Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Published: June 16, 2011
With 31 of 62 members of the New York State Senate in support of same-sex marriage, Stephen Saland of Poughkeepsie is emerging as a pivotal voice.

.... because, of course, religion is such a victim compared to, say, ummm,, I don't know, gay people??? And I thought they worshipped an omnipotent being
But I guess God can't quite match the power of the Republicans.

State Senator Shirley Huntley
Please.... puhlease!!!.... pass Same-Sex Marriage already, if only so that fake pollster stops calling my house every day asking me if I'm registered to vote and if I believe marriage is between a man and a woman! That dude is driving me nuts! He calls like three times a day, on every phone line in my house no less!

Oh, and by the way, kudos to State Senator Shirley Huntley, who reversed herself on this issue and did the right thing -- agreeing to vote to end discrimination against gay people when it comes to marriage.

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