Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Boulangerie on Facebook

The beginnings of this new bakery/cafe's Facebook page, with tantalizing details such as "breakfast, lunch and coffee":

I walked by last week and saw some folks in there with the door opened and it looked bright and very welcoming. I'm very much looking forward to the opening of this place! Anyone know when exactly?


  1. Sounds Great, where is the store located?

  2. I stopped by over the weekend to chat with the owners again (Nadia and Francois). It looks like they're putting the finishing touches on the place, which is really beautifully designed.

    Nadia wouldn't commit to a grand opening date, but I'm hopeful it may be within the next couple of weeks.

    I was graciously given a sample of one of Francois breads (DELICIOUS!) and got to chat within him more about, well, bread :) I reminded him about the bread baking classes come the fall, and he's still very open to it.

    According to Nadia, they're going to offer charcuterie and cheese plates, in addition to sandwiches. This is looking like it will become my new lunch spot!!

  3. This place is on 72nd Road, just off of Austin St.: 109-01 72nd Road, Forest Hills