Thursday, June 16, 2011

Weiner's Resignation

What more can I say about this other than what my Twitter comment from earlier today already did?

So we lose one of the peoples' real champions. A sad day for Forest Hills, and our country. 


  1. Sorry my friend, he was no champion but a loser. He was just able to fool everyone all this time. Instead of working for the people, he was sitting in his Congressional office sexting chicks. He could have been spending that time trying to get more funding for our schools or spending time with his constituents. Instead, he loved spending time with himself and glaring at his shaved chest in the mirror.

  2. Hard to argue with you there! Addictions leave you little time to focus on reality. But I guess that's their purpose.
    The Congressman Weiner story is a human tragedy. I think it's one that most people can relate to in one way or another. I stand by my post above - he was an outspoken champion of the people, albeit an extremely troubled one as we have now found out.
    For now, we all lose, because he was a very talented politician and who knows where those talents would have taken him in the future. I hope he really does get treatment for whatever it is that is ailing him - addiction, or whatever - and then eventually reenters politics.