Friday, July 29, 2011

Do The Metropolitan Avenue Time Warp...

... And beam back to a quaint time when store signs tout "Sick Room Supplies," there is still a Carvel, and yes, there is even a Sizzler! Remember those?
Oh, and the employees and patrons of the aforementioned Sizzler have apparently never, ever seen something called a "Gay Person." After all, it is a Sizzler.
Oh, and one more thing. If you are gay and actually feel, well, hungry, as gay people sometimes do, and want to eat at the aforementioned Sizzler, you apparently first risk being beaten by one of the restaurant's employees, and then for dessert, might be set upon by the other SIzzler patrons, who, it seems, well, have never, ever seen a gay person either!
At least, that is, according to this account in The Daily News:
Queens woman, gay rights group sues Sizzler over alleged homophobic bias attack by manager
Hmmm, so maybe that's why the Forest Hills Sizzler is the last one open on the East Coast, I think, except for a few scattered across Florida. It's tough to maintain that hyperdrive time warp bubble around a restaurant the size of a Sizzler. Tough, and damn expensive too! ...  In this time of NASA budget cuts and all.


  1. ugh i wish the place would close ... it brings a low-class element to the area

  2. We goin Sizzler!

  3. Two completely differing accounts. Why should we believe one over the other?

  4. I wouldn't have posted about this but for the fact that Lambda Legal has filed the lawsuit. I doubt they would be doing so unless they felt there was evidence to collaborate the accuser's story.