Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Subway Crowding Rivals Rush Hours

I'm glad The Times has pointed this out. It's always amused me how the MTA acts as if the only people who seem to matter when it comes to subway service are commuters from outside of the City. It is so rare, for instance, to have a weekend where every other train isn't re-routed somewhere. I understand that they are just picking the option that will impact a smaller number of people, but it is still very annoying. What about all of us who actually live here? Where do they think we go on the weekends—to the suburbs??

Subway Crush No Longer Gets Weekends Off
Published: July 10, 2011
The rush speaks to improvements in a transit system once seen as a national symbol of urban blight, but it also points to the shifting cultural and economic picture of New York.
"As crime has receded and an older fleet gave way to brighter, newer trains, a generation of city dwellers has never experienced the subway’s darker, grittier era. Many do not think twice about a wee-hour ride after a night on the town."

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