Monday, August 8, 2011

Forest Hills to Get 'First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor'

Wow, just found this.... look at the last graph ... says it's coming into Forest Hills too.

New York's First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor Opens Two Stores on Long Island

Nitro Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt announces its two flagship stores now open. Nitro is the ‘Terminator in an Ice Cream Cup’ and attempts to provoke associations between cutting edge Science, Ice Cream and iPads. Nitro is the way to characterize a science lab for Ice Cream blended with a Hollywood production for a unique flavor experience. New York's First Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlor!

Nitro lets customers pick your base, flavor, color and mix-in! Patrons are allowed to order an ice cream base (regular, organic, low-fat, soymilk, non-fat yogurt, low-fat yogurt, or sorbet), flavors (chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, wasabi, bacon, snickerdoodle, chip, kitchen sink, pomegranate, gaga and more), colors (hot pink, neon blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, and more), and hundreds of mix-ins/ toppings. Nitroticians wearing goggles and cryogenic protection gloves will assemble your mix- ture, readying it for the ice cream process.

Everything is poured into Nitro's patented-process machines that are connected to a stream of liquid nitrogen at -320F. About halfway through the process, the liquid nitrogen is dispersed resembling Han Solo-frozen blasting in carbonite. Fog is everywhere resembling a Heavy Metal concert. Nitro Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Parlors are the first Ice Cream Stores to not have any freezers.

The Ice Cream production looks like some science project gone mad or an over- worked fog machine on the set of “Dancing With the Stars.” Nitro's Ice Cream process is safe, it allows the Ice Cream to contain a smoother, richer creamier texture by eliminating ice particles found in everyday desserts. Nitrogen is naturally found in the air we breath making up almost 80 % of our atmosphere.

 Each Nitro location is now fully equipped with a Toppings Bar. Unlike other Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Shops, Nitro's Toppings Bar is All You Can Eat. Nitro was founded by NBA Basketball Player Sebastian Telfair. Sebastian Telfair is one of the NBA brightest stars. Sebastian plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Sebastian developed the idea with fellow Ice Cream lover Sean Pomper. Sean Pomper, co-creator of “Flavor Spray” which was among Time Magazine’s Most Amazing Inventions of 2005.

 Nitro Head of Franchise Development Neal Menashe, Esq. states, “In Todays economy we at Nitro developed an affordable way for people to license and franchise stores. We kept our start-up costs affordable and franchise fee’s at minimums, so in turn our store owners can evoke a profit as quickly as possible. An Ice Cream store doesn’t have to hurt your pocket in order for you to become a store owner anymore.”

 Nitro Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt stores are coming and looking to open everywhere. Nitro Merrick at 2326 Merrick Road and Nitro Syosset at 15 Jackson Avenue are New Yorks first locations with developments in Staten Island, Oceanside, Forest Hills and Manhattan.

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