Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update

From one of the meteorologists I closely follow, Accuweather's Henry Margusity. This was posted about an hour ago:
Track is now worse case for Mid-Atlantic. Damaging winds and flooding from eastern NC to New England including DC to NYC corridor. Very bad.
It looks like this will probably be the first of many posts I will be doing about this Hurricane, which could go down as a historical storm for New York City if the forecasts materialize.

The New York City/Long Island area has been way overdue for a major hurricane. They are saying this one may be on the magnitude of the famous 1938 "Long Island Express," which caused a lot of devastation on Long Island. Since that year the population on Long Island has expanded to the millions.

Forest Hills is on high ground and pretty far inland, so we should be able to ride out the hurricane pretty well. I would say if it does go to our West, more over New Jersey or Manhattan, expect mostly damaging winds here and flooding rains. But we would not be impacted by the devastating storm surge like other areas of the City and much of the south and north shores of Long Island.

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  1. Thanks, Drake! I will be keeping a close eye on your blog postings on the potential of Hurricane Irene, and I always follow your blog nevertheless. Everyone should take all loose items from the street indoors, and if you feel the need, consider purchase plywood to board up windows. Stock up on food for at least 3 days, sufficient water supply, medication, flashlights, and a batter-powered radio. We cannot be that certain how much damage the hurricane will pose for Forest Hills until it strikes. Weather sometimes surprises us, so let's be prepared, and commit to all we can proactively. Let's look out for our family, friends, and neighbors, send e-mail alerts, post on Facebook, and make phone calls. Spread the TLC!