Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update

It looks like we are just about to get into the first sustained rain from one of the larger outer bands of the hurricane... So far we've just had a few fast-moving squalls. The computer models are now showing the eye of Irene moving somewhere over our area Sunday morning, either just to the west of the City or somewhere in the vicinity of the Queens/Nassau County border. So we are essentially right now kind of in the bullseye here in Forest Hills. Thankfully, the hurricane has lost some of its power so instead of 100 mph winds we will get gusts up to 80 and sustained winds of 50 to 65 or so. Which is pretty bad but could be much worse!

 From AccuWesther Meteorologist Henry Margusity:
"We pulled the track west so Irene moves over Atlantic City and by Sunday 8am, the left eye wall be sitting right over New York City."

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