Monday, August 22, 2011

Tornado's Damage Still Being Brought to Light

N.Y. / REGION  City Room: When a Tornado in Queens Becomes an International Incident  By COREY KILGANNON  Published: August 21, 2011  Nearly a year after it was blown off the Unisphere in Flushing-Meadows Corona Park, Sri Lanka was put back into place. 
I thought this was a really interesting article from The Times yesterday, partly because it shows just how powerful the tornado was that hit Forest Hills last September. But perhaps even more interesting to me is the fact that damage from the tornado is still being brought to light through news articles like this one. I mean, almost a year has gone by and we first hear that this world-famous landmark was damaged by the tornado? Why am I not very surprised that this little fact is only first being publicized a year later? I was pretty amazed by the dreadful job the news media did in covering the tornado's destruction when it rolled over Forest HIlls and other areas nearby last year. None of the coverage I saw portrayed the full impact of the event. Heck, I remember friends who lived in Manhattan weren't even aware anything had happened here even weeks later! This irks me because I think it is reflective of the poor job the news media is doing. There is a big hole when it comes to local coverage that something like this gets scanty if any coverage. Probably due to the extreme budget cutbacks the local news media has been facing for years now.

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