Sunday, September 4, 2011

Defeat Bob Turner Sept. 13th!

Let's hope Bob Turner does not win the special election on Sept. 13th. I actually wasn't very motivated to write about this special election to fill Congressman Anthony Weiner's seat, until that is I received Republican Bob Turner's latest flyer stating his position that religious education should receive more funding!

My God! That's one of the most radical, dangerous positions an American politician can stress! Why would he do that?? With all the problems facing this country today, we are supposed to turn to religion to solve them? Does he want us to reenter a Dark Ages? Jesus!

Defeat Bob Turner Sept. 13th
So, thank you Mr. Turner for clearing that up for me, and motivating me to blog about this election! Edge of the City supports Democrat David Weprin for Congress on Sept. 13th. We certainly have enough problems without having to drag God and one of the most personal things a human being can treasure, his or her faith and spirituality, into it.

Here is some information about Mr. Weprin's political position, pretty much all of which are progressive and sound:

Weprin's views are generally characterized as liberal. He generally supports increased revenue to balance the budget instead of reducing spending or cutting government. He opposed the Budget Control Act of 2011 which raised the debt ceiling and created the super-committee to find spending cuts because he favored an increased revenue approach He believes in man-made global warming and supports cap-and-trade.

Elect David Weprin on Sept. 13th.
He supports gay marriage, and voted in favor of the law legalizing same-sex marriage in New York while noting that it was the right thing to do. Weprin is opposed to privatization of social security or any other changes to the program. David Weprin has been very supportive of gun control by the government. He has supported or sponsored legislation to outlaw the purchase of firearms for people involved in a domestic violence incident in New York, and legislation to end the sale of toy guns in New York to prevent accidental shootings by cops.

State Assemblyman Weprin practices Orthodox Judaism and is a strong supporter of Israel and the US-Israel relationship. He was critical of President Obama's comments that Israel should consider returning to pre-1967 borders in an effort to engender peace with the Palestinians. He also objected to President Obama's treatment of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He opposes further Israeli concessions and land-for-peace deals.


  1. I want to see the flyer. Can you scan it as a jpeg?

  2. Drake,

    Increasing revenues will not solve budgetary problems. For every penny in tax increase a corporation or even a store owner will increase prices to reflect the tax increase.

    Cap and trade simply raises the cost of energy which is passed on to the final consumer.

    Global warming is being debunked every day.

    Weprin is a tax and spend liberal who has no idea how an economy works.

    The White House needs;
    - to stop spending money we do not have
    - to allow INS & ICE enforce the immigration laws
    - to stop the DOJ from their frivolous lawsuits on behalf of unions
    - to stop their mandates and directives which are hampering business and growth
    - repeal Obamacare
    - this is a short list

  3. First, we live in the US and these elected officials are serving in the US Congress which means they serve US citizens, not Israel. Enough with the "I will protect Israel" banter. How about "we will protect and defend the US constitution and serve what's right for the US first".

    Second, Bob Turner was the producer who brought us the Jerry Springer show. How can someone who brought such trash to the public seriously care about serving the public. Why isn't Weprin making that an issue?

  4. This election is a remarkable repudiation of Obama's policies.
    We have this extremely liberal, heavily Jewish district, preparing to vote for a Catholic conservative over a Jewish liberal.
    This should be the ultimate proof to Obama that things are changing, and he won't be able to count on the traditional Democratic base next year, because more and more of them are getting fed up with this stagnant country.

  5. Enough of this political bs. Both Democrats and Republicans suck. No one wants to do anything but blame the other party. We need to somehow put into legislation the following:

    1) Anyone in political office (whether President, House of Rep, Senator, etc) gets only 2 weeks vacation per year, like the rest of working America.

    2) No pensions for anyone in political office. Why should they be entitled to pensions for the rest of their lives for only working a few years. Ridiculous.

    3) Salaries for politicians cannot top 100,000. Without the pensions, benefits, high salaries, we'll see who runs for office then.

  6. 4) And get rid of the damn electoral college!