Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Get Ready to Start Dunkin' !

The new Dunkin' Donuts on 71st/Continental is doing a "dry-run" today. And such a dry-run netted me a delightful free lunch. Such nice things can happen when you're nosey!

The place officially opens tomorrow. But if you go today, they are not only very happy to see you, but you get to eat free!


  1. As Dunkin Donuts is a franchise, all of them look alike.

    Larger economy of scale, larger distribution network, less menu choices with more prepackaged items design to maximize revenues.

    Nothing special here. Just means another place to get prepared drinks, coffees and routinue food items for on the go.

  2. No one said it was the second coming of Eden, but it is free (at least it was earlier today). And heck, thanks to W's economy that we're all still suffering through -- and probably will be for the next few years -- anything free is better than not! :)
    While I value an excellent independently-owned shop as much as the next guy, I also value excellent food and drink. And DD has pretty good bagels and really good coffee. And the donuts, when I used to have them, were quite tasty as well.

  3. I am happy they are now open. Personally, I prefer their coffee over Starbucks' any day.

  4. I am the initial poster at 5:09PM. Though you can't tell cause I post Anonymously.

    With that being said: Dunkin Donuts is more efficient than Twin Donuts and more automated especially with credit card purchases.

    Dunkin is more notorious for thier drinks and certain items like bagels and the like.

    But with Twin Donuts you could have gotten made to go items freshly prepared on site. The coffee and drinks and bagels are fine.

    Did anyone try the drinks and items at Twin Donut and compared it to what Dunkin has?

  5. Isn't Twin Donut the place with the teriyaki chicken? If so, that was a deal breaker for me. Firstly, the picture of that offering on the poster outside looked god-awful. And secondly, the last thing I would want when going into a donut place is the smell of teriyaki chicken wafting through the air. Now, if they sold teriyaki-chicken-flavored donuts that would be a whole other story. In that case, it would only enhance the flavor of the donut. It would be kind of sweet, salty and savory with an Asian twist. Quite a donut.

  6. I had a grilled chicken sub from them. It was fresh and quite good. Made to order too.

    As far as the coffee or teas at dunkin donut, tea is tea.

    Never had Twin Donut coffee or ice tea.

  7. DDs is like a McDonalds...mass produced crap at cheap prices.

    Drake -- How can those bagels be better than a freshly baked bagel at Gotta Get a Bagel? DD's coffee is good but that's it. Their donuts are bad too..try one at 3pm and its like cardboard.

    Twin Donuts had some nasty menu items, but a basic egg sandwich was fresh and more nutritious.

  8. Went in yesterday, coffee was great, but the food station is completely overwhelmed and can't keep up as of right now, hopefully they will settle down soon. Either way, love their coffee.