Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More on the Proposed CVS For Queens Blvd.

Here's a new article about the proposal for the north side of Queens Blvd. next to the Key Food. CVS coming to Forest Hills


  1. While the design isn't perfect and will required limited changes, it is much nicer and cleaner looking than the montrosity that they depicted which would have been Windsor 2 last time.

    I don't think this new project will be approved as is and will definitely face some design changes but it is a much nicer design than the other more in line with the community.

    The last design was absolutely horrible and wouldn't have made sense for the area.

    I do wish they would keep the structure more in line with the community needs in the exterior design a bit more and also hopefully Cord Meyer will redo the external facade by the Supermarket rather than keep the original facade to keep it nice and clean looking on that block. Other than that it looks like the new building and eventual highrise would definitely make that block much nicer.

  2. You either don't know the meaning of Art Deco, or don't care to know about its style, as well as the site's history. If a building really has to be built, as if Forest Hills isn't crowded enough, Cord Meyer should at least respect the site's architecture and history from when it was Carlton Terrace. That was an Art Deco nightspot starring the likes of Tito Puente. In many posts on this blog, I notice the phrase "look much nicer," which is vague.

  3. Who needs another glorified drug store? CVS is not needed amongst the myriad of pharmacies all over Forest Hills. How about a supermarket instead? A real one like Shop Rite, with competitive prices, and the acceptance of coupons? As salaries and income is falling in our hood, the prices of food are astronomical, and the quality complete crap. If you dont have a car, you're stuck with awful choices.

  4. Eureka, get a car and have better choices!

  5. Eureka! No... you should move to Los Angeles. One of the great things about living in New York City is that you don't need a car. No, I agree with the other commenter. We need a real supermarket for those of us who love the great, hassle-free, pollution-free, car-free lifestyle NYC affords us!