Thursday, October 6, 2011

Local Delicacies

Do you have any favorite local delicacies? I had my second pastrami sandwich from La Boulangerie yesterday for lunch and this question popped into my head. This freakin' sandwich is so amazingly delectable and has become such a fast fave of mine that it started me wondering if other readers of the blog have any other local favorite foods? I know a commenter here has also mentioned in the past couple of days the "Marilyn Monroe Roll" at Sushi Yasu (now on Austin St., btw, in the Austin St. Mall). What are your local favorites?


  1. Hmmm I like the Greek quesadilla at ripe, also love the shakes at cheeburger

  2. Chicken Katsu Don at Tokyo Teriyaki next to the police station

  3. Sunday $7 dollar hamburger at Dirty Pierres

  4. I am currently addicted to that Pastrami sandwich!

  5. - Lamb Shwarma from Wafa's
    - Dirty Pierre's Cheeseburger
    - Pizza Margarita at Tuscan Hills

  6. - Sweet Potato Fries at Bonfire Grill
    - Multi-Grain Bread at La Boulangerie
    - Anything at Danny Brown's