Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Restaurant Update

Some local restaurant news and commentary:

  • A few readers have asked me if I would post something about Oko, the frozen yogurt shop on Austin. I've been told that at this past weekend's street fair they were offering samples from of some new Korean food offerings. One reader wrote: "They were giving out samples on Sunday during the street fair and the items were *tasty*.  I think they provide a great service and their eco-friendly/all natural approach is enlightened." Another reader told me that this place has a variety of freshly made sandwiches and other foods (they were responding to one of my recent posts about the lack of a good place in town to get a really good, higher-end yet simple sandwich!). Anyway, I totally agree with these readers. I have always liked Oko. It is a very nice, modern-looking, clean place and the food I have had there has been quite good. I plan to go back and sample more of their food very soon. Thanks for writing in about them! 
  • I recently tried the new Brownies & Cream store on Austin. I had two of their regular brownies and they also let me sample their ice cream. All of it was quite good. The brownies were quite enjoyable and I plan on going back again when I need my next fix. They had two home-made ice cream samples when I was there and the one I tried--I forget what it was--was excellent and I would definitely get it again. The woman behind the counter could not have been more friendly or helpful. This store is owned by a young, local couple who are just starting this new business. We need more like them in our neighborhood! If you get a chance, visit Brownies & Cream and give them a try!
  • Also, some Austin St. Mall news: I've been told by readers that the make-your-own salad place Energy Green had the same owners as the former Tako Sushi. They had cut the storefront of Tako Sushi in half, tried Korean in the space, which didn't work, and then opened Energy Green. Anyway, as sad as I have been that Energy Green has closed, now comes news that the popular Sushi Yasu (formerly on Yellowstone Blvd.) has taken this space in the Mall. I haven't tried Sushi Yasu but hear fantabulous things about it. I can't wait to try it.


  1. I'm LOVING Sushi Yasu at its new location! Last night I placed my order on the way to NYSC, did a couple of miles on the treadmill and picked up my sushi order on the way home. Sushi is as good as ever. I hope that they're as well supported in their new location as they were at their previous spot (where it was so crowded you could rarely get a seat at the sushi bar).

  2. For those of you who have never been to Sushi Yasu before, try the Marilyn Monroe Roll. It will make you a believer!