Friday, October 14, 2011

Taiwan's First Lady Visits Forest Hills

This was kept rather quiet... it's the first I heard of it... Taiwan's first lady tells stories to children in New York
New York, Oct. 13 (CNA) Taiwan's first lady Chow Mei-ching told stories about the Chinese Zodiac and a folktale to children at a library in the borough of Queens in New York Thursday, and showed them how to find out their personal zodiac signs. Telling stories to children has become one of Chow's favorite activities during visits to foreign countries. In New York, where she arrived the previous day for a five-day visit, the wife of President Ma Ying-jeou made no exception. At the library in Forest Hills, Chow introduced how the Chinese zodiac was formed. To attract the kids to pay attention, she also taught them how to fold an origami mouse, the first of the 12 animals of the zodiac.


  1. Taiwan is an evolved nation which has been a backbone in Technological manufacturing amongst other things.

    EVA Airlines is quite nice indeed if you are flying from Taipei.

    With the influx of chinese and asian citizens in this region, it isn't surprising to say the least.

    People aren't looking at what the world's leaders are doing on a 24/7 basis, unless it entails high level meeting with officials generally speaking though all of them do wind up in the public cloud on the internet.

    Mayor Bloomberg has also been at the Forest Hills library before who has extensively travelled to China himself. This area has a high degree of asian population in high concentrations.

    Bayside has lots of Koreans, Forest Hills and Rego Park have loads of Asians from China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and mainland China amongst other places.

    So its not surprising.


    Wasn't thinking of Taiwan much till you brought this up, but Taiwan is one of those places which is underrated right now in the global economy which has lots of potential.

    Taiwan boomed early on but then other nations wound up surpassing it and gained more clout.

  3. I also have noticed a tremendous influx of Asians to Forest Hills. I believe FH was once predominantly Jewish, but I believe Asians now make up the majority of the FH population. I also see an influx of Hispanics to FH as well. It's nice to see this neighborhood diversify more and more, it's finally becoming a melting pot!

  4. Not sure where Hispanics are moving into.

    There is also an Indian population here as well as arabs as well.

    Personally where I live I see a lot of Jewish, Russian and asian.

  5. Many Indians and Hispanics are living in Rego Park, and of course they are moving into coop units in Forest Hills as well.

    I am noticing a decline in Jewish and Russian people moving into coop apartments in FH.

  6. Hispanics are not moving into the nicer co-ops in the area.

    There is no decline of jewish, russian and asian to co-ops in Forest Hills. Plus some of the people here are russian jews as well.

    Hispanics are not moving into the prime buildings in the region such as the Presidential or luxury co-ops. Perhaps in the less desirable buildings in the lot in the outskirts (not the main part of town) of town.

  7. Even Rego Park has a huge influx of asian population.

    The new Lefrak Rentals will likely have a very high percentage of asian tenants who are most likely going to be the predominant tenants in that complex there which is under conversion right now.

    But no, there is not a growing hispanic population in Forest Hills proper in any meaningful way. Those that are making their way in are going to be out in the outskirts of the area for the most part. A few will be occupying some of the less dominant buildings which are not as desirable and commend lower pricing however those are the minority.