Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Walk Through Occupy Wall Street

I had been meaning to post this video I took when I visited the Occupy Wall St. encampment at Zuccotti Park about a month ago. I was watching CNN this morning and during banter between two of the anchors they said the removal of the protestors was done partly because of sanitary reasons: "piles of trash and feces" were in the park. When I visited there was absolutely no sign of either and I can't imagine they would have let that change in a few weeks. Why would they? That would give the City the excuse it was looking for to remove them.

The piles you see in my short video are just belongings. There was no garbage, no foul smells, nothing that would hint of unsanitary conditions.

Whether you agree or disagree with the Occupy Wall Street movement is one thing. But I try very hard with this Blog to at least keep the facts about things straight. Let's make sure we are all in "reality." CNN should do the same if it considers itself to be a major news organization. After all, this is an extremely important fact to get straight. The Right Wingers have tried to paint this protest movement as nothing more than a bunch of radicals and outcasts who do not even know how to clean up for themselves. Sure, some of the movement's members are just that. But many more are productive members of society who are uncomfortable with the fact that the voices of the many are being drowned out in our government by the power of the very few.

I have more video footage I shot that day which I will try to post in the near future, but there's a limit to the file size here, so here you go....



  1. OWS is a bunch of selfish hypocrits. What about all the small businesses being hurt by the protesters? And protesters trying to shut down Wall Street and the subways on Thursday isn't going to do anything except keep the everyday working people from going to their jobs. It's not going to do anything to hurt the corporations which the protesters are fighting.

  2. Bloomberg once again proved himself to be a horrible mayor! He basically lied about not disrupting the protesters, and upholding the law, but then did the exact opposite in the middle of the night. How many more days will this awful (expletive) be in office for????

  3. Bloomberg is a turd. But so are the protesters. http://www.metro.us/newyork/local/article/1024573--business-owner-reports-occupy-wall-street-threats

  4. And you trust an article that concludes with the sentence: 'OWS is planning to shut down the Stock Exchange at 7 a.m. Thursday and will take over the subways.' How can they shut down the Stock Exchange? It's a fortress. I used to work right there. And how does one take over the subways? Even the MTA can't figure out how to do it and its their job.

  5. Haha. Guess you haven't watched any of the news channels yesterday (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC) or read the Daily News, NY Post, or NY Times about the counter-protest that small business owners had against the OWS protesters for their unsanitary behavior. Or read any of those same news sites today about trying to shutting down the subway on Thursday or trying to shut down the stock exchange. Never said the protesters will be successful, but they're planning on trying.

  6. Haha back. You guessed right. The only thing I saw about the Thursday protest was this: http://occupywallst.org/article/poster-n17-mass-direct-action-print-and-post-freel/