Thursday, December 1, 2011

Openings and (Temporary) Closings

Looks like YogoMonster, in the Austin St. "Mall", is on a winter hiatus...
While there's some construction getting started next to the Midway Theater, the site of what we believe will be Gloria's Pizza (formerly of Flushing)...


  1. It's pretty amazing that yogo can afford to pay 4 months of rent while the place is closed and not making any money? Same thing with Sister Unn's as well.

    Hopefully Gloria pizza will strike a balance of being able to serve quality pie/slices at reasonable prices, and not charge extra for cheese!

  2. crossing queens blvdDecember 2, 2011 at 7:46 AM

    "Closed for Renovation" is the new "Going Out of Business"

  3. As a side note I wish Sister Unm's were more interactive. Stopped by multiple times and it was always closed. Hoped to maybe see suble changes in the exhibit at least. Yesterday I did notice that the frozen in time girl/flower was moved but was it intentional or did it simply fall over? I was planning to tie a living rose on the door handle to see if this could provoke a reaction. Maybe that is the point of the exhibit being so passive? This whole thing is very curious.

  4. @1 I would venture to say YoGo is taking a very prudent approach considering we are going into a season when not a lot of frozen yogurt is being sold.


  5. Looks like YoGo is a NoGo. It was nice knowing Yo.