Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Waiting for Gloria

Boy, is it just me, or is it taking an eternity for our newest pizza place, Gloria, to open, next to the Midway Theater? My friend snapped this shot of the inside of the place the other day. And I noticed they have a sign up looking for employees, if you're interested...


  1. I give them a year. A year and a half on the outside. We already had a pizza place there, and the concept of putting pizza, a cheap and fast and universally loved food product on a high foot traffic thoroughfare teeming with teenagers waiting for a movie makes total sense. And yet... and yet...

    You know what I think would do well there? A larger Starbucks than the Continental one. Or Dunkin Donuts, though they have a decent sized one across the street. Those places will get the rush hour crowds on their way to the subway and are almost always filled up regardless of the time of day.

    I'm not saying that Gloria Pizza will be bad pizza. But this particular piece of real estate does not have a history of long term lessees. Is it premature for me to say "ah Gloria Pizza, we hardly knew ye"?

  2. The last pizza place had the absolute worst tasting pizza ever and they were open for over a year. If bad tasting pizza gets that long of a lease on life, imagine what lifespan great tasting pizza will have. Pet stores tend not to do very well since, for good reason, there is a backlash against buying dogs from a place that sources from puppy mills (they all do). Krispy Kreme cut their stores everywhere when their popularity steeply dropped, not a function of that location. There are a quarter of the Krispy Kremes in NYC as compared with years ago. That location had pretty crappy businesses, not bad luck. Considering the buzz about Gloria pizza, if they are as good as everyone says, this might be a keeper.