Thursday, May 24, 2012

More on New Restaurant

A reader told me that the new establishment replacing Q Bistro on Ascan will actually be a wine and cheese bar that happens to have Irish ownership, quite different from an Irish bar. And that the owners also already have one or two other establishments.

This sounds like a nicer fit to me for that really nice spot on Ascan. I look forward to trying it out when it opens. Sounds like it could be a really nice place to spend some time with friends. I hope they have an open-front restaurant or tables in the front, though not sure they are able to in that spot. But it would sure be nice to have some wine and cheese and enjoy the beautiful weather this time of year, especially in that laid-back location.


  1. Sounds awesome.

    Any news on what's going in to the former Falafel place on Austin Street, down towards Ascan? Looks like a new take-out place.

  2. Update on the Q location. I met the owner today, Cyril. Super nice guy. He was in the restaurant over-seeing the renovations which look great. It will indeed be a Wine and Beer bar, with cheese and charcuterie plates, panini's and a few chef's specials. No TVs (thank goodness!!).

    My favorite thing Cyril said to me ... I really want to know what people think when they come. The good and the bad. Here's a guy that seems to really want to bring something to the neighborhood that the neighborhood wants. Hopefully there's a good opening night crowd (I know I'll be there with friends!). If you show up and have comments that you don't want to share directly with the owner, post them here and I'll be happy to do it.

    Here's hoping much success to Cyril in his new venture!

    1. That sounds really good. Can't wait to try it when it opens. Thanks for the info Susan.