Monday, May 14, 2012

Moving Forward Again

Just looking at the neighborhood now and I am starting to get a positive feeling again. For a little while there, things were looking a little dicey. But here's some of the recent developments that have me optimistic again:
  1. The closing of the cheap trinkets store on Austin St., near Ascan. I usually hate to find pleasure in other people's misfortunes, but in this case I have to make an exception. I think a business that opens in a neighborhood has a responsibility to that neighborhood. If they expect local residents to shop there, they should be a responsible citizen of where they are doing business. The fact that they chose to open a cheap novelty store that belongs more on Canal Street than it does on Austin St., and in one of the most upscale parts of Forest Hills, near the corner of Ascan, showed a disrespect for the neighborhood they were hoping to do business in. I am very glad this business has closed in just two months.
  2. The new Greenmarket in front of the Post Office. The starting up of a new Greenmarket this summer has been greeted with an overwhelming amount of positive feeling by the readers of this blog, and I'm sure by many other members of the neighborhood. Finally, finally, it looks like Forest Hills will join so many other wonderful NYC neighborhoods in having a successful, thriving Greenmarket. I liked the post on this blog that pointed out that other Queens neighborhoods could also use one, especially low-income neighborhoods whose residents don't have access to fresh, quality, wholesome food. I totally agree. But I think there's nothing wrong with Greenmarkets being in both locations. And I think the reason Forest Hills was selected is because it is so close to so many forms of public transportation, so hopefully many nearby residents of Queens will also benefit. And, as a result, this should boost foot traffic in our neighborhood - not bad for local retailers on the Sundays when the Greenmarket is open.
  3. Former Q Thai Bistro being renovated. I don't know what is going into this new space — I have heard possibly a wine bar. But I am glad to see this excellent location is going to be used again. It is one of the nicest, most laid back parts of our main shopping area. And I glanced at it and it looks like they are doing a nice job redesigning it so far.


  1. I totally called it - I told my fiance when that "crap store," as I called it, on Austin, opened that they'd only last a couple of months as the most. I also don't normally enjoy finding pleasure in the misfortunes of others, but seriously?!

  2. Another store that seems out of place is "Crazy Perfume" on the same side of Austin as Sephora. I don't want to favor a chain store over a local one, and don't have an issue with perfume in general, but Crazy Perfume's garish signage is a real eyesore.

  3. Why does A & J Pizza still have a cardboard sign that says CASH ONLY? How ugly is that? Their pizza is overpriced and pretty bad, I wonder how long until they close as well.

  4. Regarding the trinket store - what were they thinking? Then again, I don't know anyone who would buy anything from such a store in any location. Now if only Value Depot would close for good.

    1. yes, please! Can we get rid of that eye sore! What an awful place!

  5. Those crappy stores look like they belong on Steinway Street. Wishing Anthropologie would open a store here.

  6. I like the way you think! I was thinking the same exact thing myself wishing Anthropologie would open here