Saturday, June 2, 2012

Accident at Corner of Austin/Ascan Last Night

A car crashed Friday night into the convenience store at the corner of Austin St. and Ascan.


  1. This community is filled with more and more jerks and more and more riff raff.

    Every time you pass the sidewalk you see folks who can't drive or kids blasting their music in their cars and the like.

    Even disrespectful minorities bending down to spit right across of you when they are walking with their friends.

    This area has turned to a new low, and is getting worse and worse every day.

    Even aggressive robbers looking to steal. Crime has been going up. Car accidents are going up. Lots of clueless drivers who can't even drive a car blocking up traffic and crashing into things.

    It is time we had a new conservative mayor and a republican president and 2 republican senators, and republicans on the courts in this state and city.

    We have had it with the liberalistic corrupt mentality running this city where troublemakers cause havok.

    1. Thanks. Your comment reminds me why I would never vote for a Republican or a conservative and why I am more proud every day to consider myself as liberal as can be.

    2. Wow, I love how racists spewing such vitriol are always pointing out those disrespectful minorities while never realizing how disrespectful and ignorant they themselves are being - oh the irony. Also shows how disgusting and hateful (and uneducated) the blue collar republicans are so I'll be voting firmly in the blue this year so as not to side with the riff raff in this neighborhood.
      I have the sinking suspicion that this person is also anti-Bareburger and the like. Seems to fit the profile. Lol.

    3. The literary quality of your post indicates a poor understanding of the English language. Almost as if you had recently arrived from another country. Ironic, isn't it?

  2. I dont think the mayor or the president are why the community has more riff raff and they certainly dont have anything to do with people driving and spitting like animals.

    Riff Raff is attracted to cheap eats, fast food and chain stores and thats what FH has to offer with more chains coming in constantly

  3. How do you know the moron who caused the accident was not a Republican? Only proven moron is Anonymous at 5:00am!?

  4. i agree with anon. i've hung out on austin st since the early 1980's. i've even got drunk in the area as a kid. i don't ever remember a car crashing through that store before.

    its clearly obama's fault

  5. This accident may very well have been caused by a drunken patron from one of the many bars that are popping up along Austin Street. I would love more eateries and less bars. The bars are attracting the wrong crowd over the weekends...which is the kids that hang out around the Long Island railroad, or from the movie theater. Bars attract young ladies, young ladies attract the "wrong type of boys" from the outerboroughs that drive by in a snail pace along Austin....looking for some "action".