Monday, June 25, 2012

Best NYC Falafel? Right Here

Forest Hills has made another "Best of NYC" list, this time, for that tasty Mediterranean favorite: falafel. Congrats to Pahal Zan and Wafa's! (The latter of which I had the pleasure of eating at this past Saturday evening. A really great meal.)
NY Daily News: The Best of New York: Falafel
Taim in the West Village is tops, followed by Pahal Zan and Wafa's in Forest Hills
In case you're not keeping score, Five Burros recently was recognized for the Best NYC Nachos by the Daily News as well.
Congratulations guys!

1 comment:

  1. I am shocked by this!

    Pahal comes nowhwere near Taim ..Taim blows it away as does King of Falafel in Astoria.

    I have always felt like people like Pahal because they have no other choice in FH especially now that NY Falafel(which I also thought was way better then Pahal) bar is gone