Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Coverage of Queens High Line Meeting

Here's a good article about the meeting Monday night to discuss the possibility of creating a High Line, or QueensWay as they are calling it, running through Forest Hills. Personally, I don't quite get why the other party wants to reactivate it for trains again. We already have the rail link to Kennedy Airport (which actually is a lot of fun to take and is pretty easy.) Now, if this thing can get me from the LIRR station to the beach in the Rockaways in 20 minutes, that would be fun too. But not sure if that's what they have in mind, or is it? Do any of you know? Groups Tangle Over Creating Queens 'High Line'


  1. I thought the idea behind the revived rail line was to improve access from Manhattan to the Aqueduct casino and potential convention center, following the old LIRR line from Rego Park as it used to travel through Aqueduct to the Rockwaways.

  2. The purpose of reactivating the line is to provide better access to the Rockaways from Central Queens not to Kennedy.

    Also the Airtrain costs significantly more than a ride on a Subway train, and isn't meant to be alleviate any transportations issues that those communities have because its stops are at the ends.

  3. I think the residents of the rockaways have an extremely long commute to manhattan so a reactivated line would shorten the commute by cutting across central queens. I personally don't care for it and would rather have a park but we FH residents already have many quick commuting options so we wouldn't benefit at all and would most likely be against it, especially because the line would run in people's backyards practically. But others are against the park because they fear the loss of privacy for those who live right in front of the deactivated line. I wonder how the meeting went.