Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Article About Metropolitan Ave.

Taci's chose Metropolitan Ave. over Austin St.
A reader sent me this link. It's an interesting look at Metropolitan Avenue discussing how and why it's rapidly becoming a "restaurant destination."
Affordable rents boost Forest Hills’ other retail strip

Now, if only they'd build that long-delayed trolley from Austin St. to Metropolitan through the Gardens I'd be there in a second! (Kidding! Don't all you Gardeners get upset. Just a joke. No one's building a trolley through your neighborhood....yet.)


  1. This reminds me of a suggestion I had received from a couple I met shortly after moving to Forest Hills ten years ago. "If you are looking to eat., go to Austin Street. If your looking to dine, avoid the lines and go to Metropolitan Ave". While we have usually split our local meals 50-50 between the two areas, it is way less stressful on Metropolitan Ave. For the consumer, there is no price difference. But if the wider margins increase the survival rate of the restaurant, go for it.


  2. My husband and I bought a house near Metro because of price. But honestly, it worked out for the best. I like the mom and pop restaurants and it has a more neighborhood feel. I just wish there were a few more shopping options, but not sure the street could support them.