Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Media Criticism

... and while I'm criticizing the media today, I have to say CNN is getting worse and worse. Just their anchors' general editorializing about stuff. Where's the objectivity? Disgraceful. Not journalism. On a related noted, watching the coverage of Hurricane Isaac today, I really have the feeling that this storm is being hyped way more than it merits. We'll see if what I'm saying proves to be true. Yes, they're evacuating some people from low-lying areas right near the Gulf that are prone to flooding. But from everything I've read, the levees in New Orleans proper, which led to the catastrophic flooding from Katrina 7 years ago today, are not close to having any problems whatsoever. You wouldn't know that from watching CNN! They are doing their best to make this a disaster that rivals Katrina. And I believe from all I've read and heard, that that is a very inaccurate exaggeration.

By the way, if people are out in a hurricane, being blown about, that by definition means that the hurricane is not that bad. Think about that when you see those photos of people in the wind and rain on The NY Times website and on CNN . What you're not seeing is it's probably college kids having fun. I did it when I was that age. If the hurricane was really bad, you would not be seeing people standing up in it!

Enough already.
Along those lines, Anderson Cooper, please sir, enough already. Get out of the rain.

Really bad jobs by the news media are one of my pet peeves. Excuse me for my ranting.


  1. Anderson is a tool. Always has been.

  2. Please make fun of the silly reporters standing out in the rain for no good reason. They deserve it. But I hate to see you minimize a natural disaster. There are plenty of people suffering today. The NYT today points out how you can't judge a storm by its category.

    1. Yes, there are people suffering no doubt. Just saying the picture they painted on networks like CNN yesterday were of a storm rivaling Katrina, when it's just not true. They staged a lot of shots to make it look like this storm was more ferocious than it was. And, they zeroed in on relatively small number of people who had to be rescued from their homes. Why? Gets good ratings.

    2. I read the article you linked to. Thanks for posting that. It is interesting. But now I have an article for you to read:

      If they think that New Orleans didn't flood because of the new structures they built to hold off the water since Katrina, they are in for a sobering surprise the next time Mother Nature decides to send a storm like Katrina up their way again.

      I still think this storm was nothing compared to Katrina. And I think for the most part the 1 - 5 scale is pretty accurate.

      In other words, my take on it - and this is coming from an amateur weather buff only mind you - is that New Orleans was a lot better off this time not because of the new walls that was built. But because Isaac was nowhere near as powerful a storm as Katrina.

  3. If you are in New Orleans, you'll publish a much different article, we people in New York take things too not seriously and really a lot of the dams down there isn't doing too well, and two parishes (that is like communities like Forest Hills and Rego Park) are flooded. Didn't Hurricane Irene teach us something last year? Like com'on, show some respect for people in New Orleans, and really they have to do their best because the RNC and Hurricane Issac is happening at the same time...