Friday, September 21, 2012

More Details on New Gym

The new gym coming to Forest Hills, Title Boxing Club, will be located at 69-40 Austin Street, next to the Eddie Bauer. They predict it could take about 12 weeks for construction.


  1. 6940 Austin is the address for starbucks.

    The address is 70-00 and is the former Mandee/Annie Sez space on the 1st floor. I thought Muss owned all the stores but I am not sure if Muss owns 70-00.

    The 2nd floor was rented and now it looks like they rented out the first floor.

  2. is the listing for the gym property.

  3. Wasn't that where the supposed Apple store was rumored to end up?

  4. Happy to see that NYSC will have some level of competition moving in to the area (perhaps it'll force them to clean up their act!?), although wishing it was a David Barton or Equinox.

    1. The Forest Hills NYSC is one of the better clubs I've seen here. It's far better and more accessible than the Rego Park club and has better classes and added new machines. They have a good cleaning crew - it's the club members that abuse the rules and fail to wipe down afterwards or throw out their gum, etc.