Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Gym Coming to Austin St.

The name of the gym is Title Boxing Club.

Here's an excerpt from the email I received. I asked him where exactly on Austin it will be and when I find out, I'll let you all know:
We are very excited that we have found a home in Forest Hills on the famous Austin Street. Our grand opening date is still to be determined, but we have just signed the lease and are preparing the community of Forest Hills by reaching out to your blog to to offer some insight to our services.

Title Boxing Club is a fitness facility that incorporates the techniques of boxing. This is not one of your typical sweaty, smelly, male dominated boxing clubs. This actually is a female friendly state-of-the-art gym with a 54 bag station and professional instructors that lead the "Power Hour" classes. Once members pick their stations and glove up the energy and music takes them through a high level, intense, fun workout regimen that is second to none, burning between 850 - 1000 calories GUARANTEED! No other club offers this lifestyle change.

Our goal is simple, to help our members reach their personal mile-stones, lose weight, tone up and gain fitness levels they never thought they could achieve.

Please feel free to visit our corporate website for further information



    1st floor of the Mandees Annie Sez building. Looks like Muss Development finally got both spaces rented out.

  2. The only space it could be is the Muss Development building which is suitable for the space the gym needs.

    They rented the 2nd floor and apparently the 1st one finally got rented out.

  3. We know where it will be already. There is only one available space suitable for this and it is the 1st floor of the Muss Development building.

    Amazing they finally found 2 tenants. They rented the 2nd floor before.

  4. crossing queens blvd.September 21, 2012 at 12:14 PM

    Their website indicates that these clubs are franchises and they look like nice, clean facilities. They have a few in NJ and unless other NYC locations are in the works, Forest Hills will be their only NYC location.

    It will be interesting to see the impact on NYSC.

  5. Shocked it took this long for a competing gym to come to Forest Hills.

  6. Shocked it took this long for a competing gym to come to Forest Hills.

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