Sunday, October 14, 2012

Frozen Yogurt for Metropolitan, Too

Thanks to a reader for sending in this pic of yet another frozen yogurt place opening in Forest Hills, this time on Metropolitan Ave. I think the location is between 71st Drive and 72nd Ave.


  1. I wonder why Banks are giving these businesses financing. It is beyond crazy as to how many places are opening for yogurt which is only seasonal.

    Makes no sense and not all the places can survive plus it is hard to profit from.

    People can't even get financing now for establishing quality businesses for that matter or get high paying jobs and the economy is extremely weak.

    Other than big chain stores which have lower shared overhead costs, the little independent yogurt shops will not survive.

    Don't know why bankers are funding these business models which will mostly fail which will wind up in bankruptcy eventually. Makes no sense to me.

  2. In addition to the banks financing what seems to be a big gamble on the success of these businesses, don't potential business owners scout out the market before making such a huge and risky investment? I am far from an expert in this area, but even I know that if you have 3 of the same types of businesses within a short distance at least one of them is not going to survive. Either that or the customer base will be spread so thin that none of them make enough of a profit to stay open. Do small business owners really have that kind of money to lose, especially in this economy?

  3. And it's right down the block from Carvel and a few blocks from Eddy's.

  4. Good comment, Brooke. I just do not get this yogurt insanity. I have never had a friend want to get frozen yogurt. Ever.

  5. North side of Metropolitan, next door to Metro Pharmacy II Hope its good,
    so I can try it out.