Sunday, October 21, 2012

More on Beer Hall

Another shot of Marianella's
The inside of Marianella's
By the way, I walked by the old Marianella's last eve to eyeball for myself the QR code on the window—just wanted to get a sense for myself what exactly is up with that location. My conclusion is the beer hall is indeed coming to the site. There's a sign saying they have applied for an alcohol license, and the QR code is very visible and was obviously posted there to intrigue anyone walking by—a creative way to garner some publicity among the younger clientele who a beer hall would indeed be targeting.

Hofbrauhaus in Munich
Above are some pics of the inside of the former Marianella's. As one of the commenters on this blog asked: Is the space big enough for a beer hall? It won't be the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, no. But it could very definitely become a really nice Hall...

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  1. It's a great location. If they have good beer on tap (Dirty Pierre's doesn't), don't have insanely loud music (hello, Exo) and have good food (it said gastropub, but that term gets thrown around a lot these days), it should be a nice addition to the neighborhood. Hopefully it's family-friendly during earlier hours. I don't see why anyone would be upset about this.