Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Aftermath

Readers sent these in this morning. Send your pics to edgeofthecity@gmail.com

The entrance to a building on 67 and Queens Blvd.

72nd Road, between Austin and Queens Blvd.

Entrance to the TD Bank on Queens Blvd.

Traffic lights blinking this morning on Queens Blvd.


  1. Honestly, this could have been much worse! I'm on 65th and Saunders and we never lost power. I am very grateful, as I lived in Long Beach during Irene last year and can't imagine how devastating it is there now. Stay safe every

  2. Thanks Con Ed, for keeping Forest Hills running all night! Woke up to my ice cold milk and my Internet as usual. So glad I don't live in Chelsea or Greenpoint right now.

  3. Just went out to walk the dog, looking down Burns by the WSTC, Clyde, Dartmouth, while there's a couple of branches down, absolutely nothing compared to the five minute tornado that wreaked havoc with our town two years ago. Grateful for that.

  4. And crews are already out picking up branches.

  5. Forest hills really lucked out compared to many, many other areas

  6. Thankfully my neighborhood was spared. Despite the scattered power outages in parts of Forest Hills, my street remained lit during the storm. There were some downed trees and power lines as well. Comparing this type of damage to that of the Rockaway's and the rest of the island, I thank god with all my heart!