Sunday, December 16, 2012

Live Coverage of Connecticut Vigil

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There really are no words to describe the horror of what has happened. If there is any slim beam of light to cling on to though it is how these tragedies always seem to also bring out the most admirable qualities in people — in this case, the unbelievable heroism of the school's principal, Dawn Hochsprung, and the school's psychologist, Mary Sherlach, both of whom reportedly rushed into the face of danger to try to save these children and gave their lives doing so.


  1. A: Obama is an asshole who keeps taking away individual rights and tries to promote this issue with the corporate mass media like we need more gun control.

    You realize how much fraud goes on in DC and how many people have been murdered in political hits?

    But somehow the regular citizens are not allowed to have their guns?

    This is NOT a story about gun control as the corporate media would WANT you to believe. It is a case about a failed school system and failed parental monitoring of their children.

    This case should have absolutely no bearing on the 2nd amendment as per the constitution.

    2nd amendment review is due up in the fall, as the federal courts have already held that the Chicago ban on handguns was illegal and it has to be rectified with the New York laws.

    Anyone who uses this incident to promote gun control is absolutely shameful including Mayor Bloomberg, Obama and others. I completely loathe their actions which do not make us safer.

  2. I am an America and I do not approve the above Anonymous message

  3. Gee, don't you miss the good ol' days when Bush and Cheney were in office? They would have completely agreed with you. Why, Cheney even managed to shoot Bin Laden and avenge 9/11. Oh wait a minute, my mistake. Cheney shot a fellow hunter in the face by accident - oops.

    Bush said, "Is our children learning?" Today he'd be sayin' "Is are children getting shot?" Hell yes. And I'm sure he would agree that guns don't kill people, young males from wealthy suburbs do.

  4. Under what circumstances is it necessary to have a semi automatic weapon in your home? I'm open to a goo argument, just can't come up with one myself. Until then, no way they should be allowed imo

  5. I hope they enact strict controls on guns soon! The thought of mr crazy anonymous having one while he's obviously suffering from a bad case of delusional paranoia is frightening. Also, this post was about the vigil for these poor little angels and all this guy can think of is his guns? How can he even be human?